Mphafe dumps BMD

SHARE   |   Monday, 27 July 2015   |   By Roger Mphafe
Roger Mphafe Roger Mphafe

The 2014 Ramotswa Parliamentary candidate for the Umbrella for Democratic Change has resigned from his party – Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). Below we reproduce his resignation letter.

My Resignation:
1. Please note my resignation from Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) with immediate effect.

Thank you BMD and UDC:

2. I must also at this same time sincerely thank the BMD and indeed the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) for finding strength and potential in me and allowing me to represent the BMD of the UDC during the past 2014 Botswana General Elections at the Ramotswa Constituency for the Member of Parliament.
Thank you Ramotswa People:
3. Though I came in only four (4) months before the 2014 General Elections and could not make it to the National Assembly, the dear people of Ramotswa showed hope in me by favouring me with 2,412 of their constituency votes. I take this as a blessing and a gift I shall never be able to repay. I shall forever cherish this gesture. Deep in me I know that somehow someday I will have to payback this favour through some form of community service to the people of Ramotswa and indeed the BMD/UDC members who ensured that this becomes a reality. I remain humble.
Ramotswa Branch Committee:
4. This is the primary reason why I decided to leave the Movement. The way you treated me was so inhumane and embarrassing. During my campaign, you tried all you possibly can to incapacitate my campaign. You refused to contribute financially in all campaigns including our launch. You openly campaigned for Mr Tshekiso Sorinyana who was an independent candidate. You betrayed me even on the eve of the elections by joining Sorinyana motorcade under the pretext that he was endorsing me. Some of you even told voters that I had made way for Sorinyana so he could appoint me specially elected councillor upon his win. You, with the help of BMD Secretary General, made it a point that there was confusion in Sepitswana ward. Award we could have easily won. This was made worse by your continued fights and hatred towards the BNF candidate Comrade Itumeleng Fight. You cared less about its impact on my campaign. My refusal to be part of the BMD/BNF fights in the constituency could not help as you accused me of being a BNF member hence your hatred and sabotage. Last but certainly not least, you went out of your way to disregard the BMD constitution to lie to the entire nation that I was suspended from the party. You even rigged our youth congress elections prior to Mochudi youth congress, to favour lekgamu la lona la Botho. I have been there!
5. It is sad that upon writing this letter I had already made up my mind about leaving the party that I have had the opportunity to so dearly love and serve. Though my soul is at peace and my heart smiling as I put this letter together, with much join and sense of relieve; I am worried that factions in the BMD are too personal rather than ideological. I have been there.
Hatred of Hard Workers:
6. Though feeling relieved that I have made peace with my parting with the BMD, I am sad that hatred and witch – hunt is the order of the day. I am also sad of the experience I have had since I have landed at the BMD that hard work is neither celebrated nor recognised but met with hatred, sabotage and threats. Those who deliver results for the party are somehow feared to take over positions of leadership. I have been there!
Sexual Favours:
7. I should also advise that the hiring of office administration on the base of social relations is seriously making it difficult for the BMD to have a functional secretariat. The suspicious girlfriend/boyfriend human resource affairs should be a call for concern. Replacing seasoned office administrators with excessively lacking personnel simply for social relations paints a bad picture. I have been there!
Gomolemo Motswaledi Report:
8. Last but not least, I would not pretend that the failure to timely release the Gomolemo Motswaledi report has not created an impression in me that it is being baked. We have been told over time that preliminary report will be released we have been told over time that investigations are on-going but to this day no meaningful update has been given. What has been done successfully is to hurl insults at those asking; WHERE IS THE REPORT? I join those citizens requesting BMD to show accountability of monies collected from unsuspecting Batswana on the pretext of a report. There are currently four (4) satellites roaming the global space being the; Russian satellite, the American Satellite, the Iranian satellite and the International Air Station satellite. Which one of these satellites has captured the orbit images of the Gomolemo Motswaledi accident?

9. Why is no one worried that Pilane interfered with the investigator? Gave him accommodation? This is the same man who controls BMD NEC from outside. He determined both Mochudi and Ghanzi congress outcomes. What is his primary interest really? Would I be wrong to suspect one or two members of the BMD NEC know what really took Sir Gee? I have been there.
10. However, I am apologising to my dear supporters and members of the BMD for this decision that I have taken and the lengthy resignation letter. I am not moved by the continuous attacks I continue to receive through social media and my phone. I just wish people could respect my freedom. My next political home is not anyone’s business.
God Bless you all.
1 Corinthians 15:33; Do not be misled, bad company corrupts good character.
Ollah Capacity Ollah.
Such is life!
Gaontebale Roger Mphafe.