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Delusions of Grandeur

SHARE   |   Friday, 31 July 2015   |   By Staff Writer
Delusions of Grandeur

Is David Magang suffering from delusions of grandeur or trying to score cheap points to remain politically relevant?

In the second installment of his book Vol.2 Delusions of Grandeur  Paradoxies and Ambivalences in Botswana's Macroeconomic Firmament former cabinet minister David Magang sets out to discuss different sectors of the economy including Agriculture, Education, Retail, Financial Services sector, Manufacturing, Banking Industry, Pension Funds and the Tourism Industry.

Magang's book attempts to answer the question: Why has Botswana's economy practically stalled and how it can be resuscitated? But such has attracted criticism against Magang with accusations that he is grand standing as he was part of decisions that led the country to the current state.