BTU pulls out of negotiations

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 16 September 2015   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Tobokani Rari and Ibo Kenosi Tobokani Rari and Ibo Kenosi

Negotiations between Ministry of Education and Skills Development and teacher unions hit a brick wall as Botswana Teachers Unions pulled out the negotiations on Tuesday night.

The negotiations came to a standstill after Directorate of Public Service Management (DPSM) said a job evaluation assessment is required in relation to Primary School Senior teachers before a decision can be made whether or not to extent LOO to them. BTU argued that it was never the intention and purpose of LOO that entitlement will be based on job evaluation assessment.

In a letter written to DPSM, BTU Secretary General Ibo Kenosi said that the addition of job evaluation assessment is unlawful and irregular and that they will not accept it and will not participate in the negotiations.

“Botswana Teachers Union is recalling any and all of its members who had formed part of the task force that was to carry out the job evaluation assessment on Primary School Senior Teachers,” said Kenosi, adding that BTU will take no further part in the job evaluation assessment exercise.

BTU urged DPSM to consider the extension of LOO to Primary School Senior Teachers only on the basis of the Joint Position Paper and no other requirement. In an interview, BTU Secretary General said that they were shocked by the inclusion of job evaluation assessment when it came to Primary School Senior Teachers while it was not required for Secondary School Teachers.