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Giddie leaves SA Express

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 September 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Giddie leaves SA Express

The South African airline, the SA Express has bid farewell to its Country Manager Mpadie Giddie on Thursday night in Gaborone in a glamorous event that also doubled as the airline’s annual Top Achievers awards ceremony for local travel-agencies.

Giddie will leave the airliner end of October this year after  what was termed a fruitful and rewarding two years  of service.  She joined  SA Express as the country representative in October  2013, and her job  involved  overseeing  day to day activities of the airline locally, this she says included looking after all operations, airport activities and sales. Different stakeholders present at the event poured accolades at Giddie and lauded her for a job well done at the airline. 

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According to Travelwise agency’s General Manager Fred Macdonald, Giddie was a fantastic Manager and it was unfortunate that they have to part ways too soon. Macdonald said the SA Express as one of the dominant players in the industry locally was as invaluable as other airliners but its strongest link was the quality of service rendered by its staff. According to Macdonald it was evident that Giddie was fully behind this success and that her contribution was highly notable. “ The positive quality of service I received from the SA Express contributed positively to my business,” he said.
 AT & T senior travel consultant Letang Kelebonye  also praised Giddie for a job well done. According to Kelebonye in her dealings with the SA express while Giddie was the Manager, she had always received top-notch service. “She was always helpful and handy, in most times she always went an extra mile  to assist a client,” Kelebonye said.

Meanwhile Giddie’s colleagues from the airline’s head office in Johannesburg South Africa and other stations in Southern Africa  also graced the event. A message from the SA Express Chief Executive Officer Inathi Ntshanga which was read by  a representative from the head office Thandy Kunene, lauded the airliner’s employees in Botswana for a job well done  “ I along with the entire Executive team are proud of our Batswana employees as they ensure that our vision  and purpose  is being  projected daily  and that our brand continues to fly high,” Ntshanga said.

According to Ntshanga  Botswana has been one of SA Express’s anchor markets for over 15 years. The entire airline he says, operates 35 flights per week and passenger volumes continue to show positive growth. Ntshanga also said the airline celebrated 21 years in existence and this can be attributed  to the trade support globally including the  trade in Botswana.

Meanwhile the airline awarded the Top 10 performing travel agencies. Travelwise scooped the Top Travel agent of the year award, claiming the it for the second consecutive year.  Vintage Travel took the second position, while Nationwide  Travel was crowned  the most improved  agent. AT & T Travel and HarveWorld came fourth and fifth respectively. Other winners of the night included Luckysky, Travel Star, Concorde Travel, Skylink and TRL Travel.

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Giving her word for the night the outgoing Country Manager, Giddie said it is right that they celebrate  top achievers because travel  agents continue  to have a key role  on all travel related activities and are responsible  for moving thousands of people around the world. “this movement of people  is the centre of travel agents’ work , who are also  the key element  in tourism and the success of businesses like ours,” she said.

Giddie thanked all travel agencies for the support they have given SA Express by choosing to do business with. The awards she said were a token of appreciation for this special partnership.