PPADB removes tendering bottlenecks

SHARE   |   Monday, 28 September 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
PPADB Executive Chairperson Bridget John PPADB Executive Chairperson Bridget John

The Public Procurement  and Asset Disposal Board Executive Chairperson  Bridget John has commended the Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security for being  responsive and  efficient in their dealings with the public procurement  process. Speaking at the signing of the service  level agreement between the two parties, John said in their quest to address some of the complaints raised by clients PPADB has done away with some of its  requirements  for tendering which were said to be burdensome. These, she said, included  the bid bond, form of intent to provide parent guarantee, and certificate of incorporation  given that when a bidder is  registered  with PPADB , they necessarily would have submitted such information.
John disclosed that the PPADB is currently  piloting the Integrated  Procurement  Management System (IPMS)  and is progressively moving towards dropping  the requirement  for the submission of the PPADB  registration as both the PPADB and Procuring entities  will be able to check  online whether  or not the bidder  is registered  with PPADB in the evaluation of tenders. “ to this end the board has decided  to pilot this aspect with the MDJS, as from experience, this is a ministry  that is very responsive, and disciplined,” she said.
According to John they have since requested  the Ministry  to drop requirements for submission of PPADB certificates  in their tenders so that they may see if online certification works well. “ If this succeeds we will ask all ministries  to drop this requirement in the next financial year,” said John. John said complaints by some that  procurement takes  long needs to be addressed saying  that she believes that observing  the service level agreement and improving  on procurement  planning  and adherence should bring  about better results


The Ministry of Defence, Justice and Security has been chosen to pilot the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal (PPADB)’S  service level agreement that will introduced to  other government  ministries and departments later.
The PPADB Executive Chairperson said the objective  of the service  level agreement is for PPADB and the procuring entities to recommit  in a binding  manner  to speed  up the procurement  of works, services and supplies to ensure that services are delivered  to the nation within a reasonable time. “The intention  is to align  expectations and bring  about certainty to the procurement  process whilst clarifying roles between parties at every stage of the procurement  process,” John said.
According to John as an ISO certified organisation, PPADB believes in continual  improvement  hence seek to improve  its performance and customer satisfaction over time. “The service level agreement should bring us closer  to MDJS and help us  appreciate problematic areas in the ministry and address them accordingly,” she said. John urged the MDJS  to not only apply the service level agreement at the ministry headquarters but to the entire procurement  and asset disposal for the ministry including  its outstations. The efficient ways of servicing outstations she says should be identified and over reliance on the centre minimised. John pledged the PADB ‘support on the process so long. “PPADB is there to serve and will advise on procurement and asset disposal within the confines of the Act,” she said.
Meanwhile MDJS  permanent Secretary  Segakweng Tsiane  said the agreement between her ministry and PPADB could not have come at the right time. According To Tsiane  her ministry is one of the few  with sensitive and  large volume of procurement .Tsiane said after the threshold of tenders adjudicated and awarded by the ministerial tender committee covering Botswana  Police Service, Botswana Defence Force, Attorney General’s chambers and Botswana Prisons was increased from  P30 million to P100 million in April 2015 it was imperative that they receive as much support as they could from the PPADB so as to deliver efficiently. “ We are to be entering  into this service level agreement which we shall be signing  today  and I believe  our continued working relations will be further improved,” she said.

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