We will prosecute Khama- Boko

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 November 2015   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
We will prosecute Khama- Boko

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko has reiterated his party’s stance that should they assume power in 2019 they will ensure President Ian Khama is accountable for the atrocities his government has caused.
Addressing a well-attended political rally at Gaborone bus rank on Wednesday, Boko said that prior to the 2014 general elections he wrote a letter to President Khama advising him that according to the Roman statues, if people are killed by state agents and perpetrators are not prosecuted, the sitting president at that time will be answerable. He said that Khama proved that he is man who never disappoints as a week after the Korean University awarded him honorary doctorate (PhD) for upholding human rights, he did the opposite by  violating the international human rights law  by defying court order and deporting two Ugandan refugees back to their country.
During the campaigns for the 2014 general elections Khama revealed publicly that opposition parties have threatened to jail them when they assume power. “In 2019 when we assume power we will call him to account for killings of innocent people during his reign,” said a charged up Boko.
Another issue that Boko said will put Khama into trouble in 2019 is the purchasing of fighter jets from South Korea through his younger brothers’ company Seleka Springs. “We know that President Khama has received cheques of more than P70, 000 from Seleka Springs though he is denying it,” hit out Boko.
The Seleka Springs Company dominated the question and answers in the last sitting of parliament as opposition MPs wanted to know how many tenders were awarded to the company by Botswana Defence Force (BDF) during the tenure of Khama as the Commander.  The company is owned by Minister of Wildlife and Tourism Tshekedi Khama and his twin brother Anthony.Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi, has denied that Seleka Springs won tenders at the BDF saying the company only as an agent for international companies.
The militant UDC President said Khama has a chance to redeem himself by coming out and telling the truth. Boko who is also the Member of Parliament for Bonnignton South said they are going to extradite Khama and his cronies should they try to escape the country.
We are going to kidnap him if he refuses to come back home and he must know that it is allowed according to international laws, said Boko. To drive his point home he  gave the  example of  Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann who was kidnapped by Israel intelligence agency Mossad in Argentina and executed in 1962.
Boko who spoke in rich Setswana idioms which left most of the audience in stiches especially when speaking about Economic Stimulus Package which he called ‘motsosa wa itsholelo o o phuthetsweng’ which loosely refers to traditional medicine for boosting erection. He dismissed the ESP saying it is meant for the ruling elite and their croonies to enrich themselves and their relatives. “The reason Khama is coming up with ESP is because he is afraid of introducing a National Development Plan (NDP) because he wants to come up with developments of his own which will benefit his family and friends,” said Boko, who mockingly referred to Khama as ‘Dr’.
He said they will use the recently passed law of forfeiture of proceeds of crime to prosecute Khama and his loyalists. ESP, according to the UDC leader,is meant to enrich ruling party loyalists hence the amount to be used keeps  on increasing from the initial P8 billion to P10 billion before being hiked to P12 billion. Boko dismissed the initiatives saying Khama has failed to develop Botswana with P400 billion which was used as development budget since he assumed power in 2008.
The UDC leader called on Batswana not to lose hope as in 2019 they will reclaim their country back and be proud again of being citizens of Botswana. Boko said that he can feel the pain of many graduates who are unemployed but promised them that 2019 is near. The rally came a few days before President Khama gives a state of the nation address tomorrow (Monday).

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