BDP calling?

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 December 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
SABBATICAL; Motlhagodi denies that she is about to join the ruling party SABBATICAL; Motlhagodi denies that she is about to join the ruling party

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) candidate for Gaborone Bonnington North in the last general election Annah Motlhagodi has denied allegations that she has left her party to join the Botswana Democratic Party. Motlhagodi, who most observers assert was an easy target for the ruling party because of her family’s association with the BDP, poured scorn on her allegations that she was defecting saying she has resigned because she wants to concentrate on her professional career.
“I have been in the opposition all along while some of my family members were members with the BDP -why then would they pressurise me to defect now?” asked Motlhagodi. According to Motlhagodi, as an independent thinking adult she had the will power to decide what to do without any pressure or influence from her family. The fact that members of her family, including her husband, were card carrying BDP members, according to Motlhagodi, ‘doesn’t count for anything’.
Her former leader at the BCP, Dumelang Saleshando, confirmed that Motlhagodi had recently notified the party that she was leaving to go concentrate on her career.

On whether Motlhagodi might later turn up defecting to the BDP, Saleshando took time to phrase his response, as if giving a warning to the former President of the BCP women’s league. “If somebody leaves and they can’t be honest as to why they are taking such move, it can only mean they are leaving for the wrong reasons,” he said. When put to her that her denial might be in fact the same old song that politicians usually put across only to do otherwise later, Motlhagodi stood by her word and denied any association with the ruling party. “As it is I have not defected to the BDP, so I will not entertain allegations. Hold me against my word when or if I eventually do,” she said.

Meanwhile, the BCP President says the fact that his party continues to receive members from other parties especially the BDP shows that they are still relevant and people trust them enough to see them as an alternative to the ruling party. The BCP received members from the BDP recently including a seating councilor in the Tswapong area, Palapye and other surrounding areas. This, according to Saleshando, is impressive more so that these areas are BDP strongholds. “The fact that we are making inroads in the Central district is a big achievement for the party,” said Saleshando.
The BCP leader, who lost his seat in parliament as the MP for Gaborone Central constituency in the last general elections, recently indicated that he intends to sue the Speaker of the National Assembly should she continue refusing to disclose who nominated him to be a specially elected MP, a position he had apparently declined. “We have served the Attorney General with papers, if the speaker fails to disclose the name of the person who nominated me within 30 days we intend to sue,” Saleshando said.

Saleshando expressed disdain at the decision by the Speaker to refuse what he termed a ‘reasonable request’, saying anybody put in his position would feel offended by the gesture. “If the speaker was to be told that somebody somewhere had nominated her to be hired say as a truck driver without her knowledge and approval, surely she will feel offended,” said Saleshando.