Dow, Boko fallout

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 09 December 2015   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Dow Dow

 ‘Get fathers to support their children, especially those who have multiple children with multiple women’ – she fumed.

The Minister of Education and Skills Development Dr Unity Dow has not taken kindly to members of opposition’s call for her to resign on the aftermath of the disastrous Matsha Secondary School truck accident which claimed seven students’ lives. She has particularly singled out Leader of the Opposition Duma Boko and MP for Francistown South Winter Mmolotsi, dismissing their attempts to show that they love children an could protect them. Below is Dow’s response that angered Boko and other opposition MPs, leading Parliament to adjourn for more than an hour to try and solve the issue at the General Assembly on Monday.

Dr Dow: Yes Amongst them, the first call was made by Honorable Boko.  One has to assume that he is motivated by the love for children. He wants them to be protected.  That is what he wants, to be taken care of. In fact, in his statement in response to the State of the Nation Address (SONA), he says and I quote Madam Speaker, “We have an education system that is failing our children.” Betsho, nkgwana go thubega e e ileng nokeng, e e mo ntlong e tla a sala e ntse lentswe.  Ya UDC ga ise e ye nokeng. So, ga re itse gore e  tlaa thubega letsatsi le ba e rwalang. Let me respond to say, perhaps he missed one important fact that communities are made of units.  The smallest unit is the family. He is a lawyer of repute from what I hear. From what I hear, watch Facebook, okay! If he uses his talents to make sure that children are protected first at that unit, I think I will suggest to him that he uses his talents to get fathers to support their children, especially those who have multiple children with multiple women. Those are major…

Honorable Member: … (Inaudible)

Dr Dow: No, I am very serious because that is part of the reason why we do not have the necessary resources to actually hire buses. If every parent was actually putting what they have to support their children, the government will not have so many children that need care and therefore the job Local Government and Rural Development will be less if fathers supported their children. I will say that he has the skills to do that because he is a lawyer and therefore he must use those skills to make sure that happens.

Dr Dow: The other call for my resignation was made by Honourable Mmolotsi. He made this call Madam Speaker on an abuse of the process of this particular house. He stood up suggesting that he had a point of order, he knew he had no point of order and he knew that once he made that statement, I had no opportunity to respond and he said I should resign because I had failed to protect children. I must assume the only reason he did that was headline grabbing. He wanted to make the news, he wanted to offer a headline and indeed that happened. During the following days, he continued to milk that particular abuse of process by hopping from one newspaper to another to again expand on his comments here. Once again, it can be assumed perhaps Mr Mmolotsi loves children. I wish he was here to hear me. I am going to suggest that from a personal observation of an occurrence that happened at tea break at the last session of Parliament, his watching of a particular video in which according to his own commentary was participating in an act that I am even too afraid to mention in this house. It suggests that he does not love children. No adult watches a video that portrays a child in a way that he is  being harmed and actually thinks…