Quotable Quotes

SHARE   |   Saturday, 19 December 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho

KEITEBE KGOSIKEBATHO reviews the last session of 2015 Parliament session by sampling out biting quotes from your esteemed leaders. 

• “I also note with, disappointment, that the President is conspicuously absent from these proceedings. In fact, the President has made it his habit and culture to absent himself from this house except when he either delivers the State of the Nation Address or seeks to cow the members across the aisle from me in to docile submission to a position he has decreed.… Never, in our half century as a sovereign state have we been so uncertain and so concerned about our future, so unhappy and so bitter at the incompetence and impunity of government; so untrusting of our government and public institutions. Nor have the political, class and values divisions within our society ever been as deep and ugly as they are today… I have listened to the President carefully in order to appreciate his rationale for his Economic Stimulus Package (ESP). I have found none, and increasingly, it looks like a grand design for looting” - Leader of Opposition, Duma Boko. 

• “I feel ashamed to be a Member of Parliament; I do not know what this job is all about. I come to this House I see all the talk, all the academic talks, and people talking all the language and fighting for positions. Then I see the politics of poverty, politics of stomach and I sit in this August House and say, I should not be in this House… Let me tell you about myself, I am not going to apologise for having worked hard. You can all hold those funds as long as you want; they are mine, tough luck. I am not going to be apologetic to this Honourable House that when some of them were sitting, relaxing and drinking beer, I was working hard. I am not going to apologise to you guys, tough luck. Declaration of assets Sir is urgent; we have to bring the Bill. We have to be seen in the eyes of the public to be leaders that are transparent and have got nothing to hide” – Tati East MP Moyo Guma

•  “I thank you Honourable Members with the hope and belief that we shall exist together in the same unity. I would like to welcome Honourable Eric Molale who found me in this House after the elections … The reason why Dikgosi leave their posts, is because of the poor conditions of service. I am not the only Kgosi who has left my post as Kgosi, Madam Speaker, and Kgosikgolo for Bangwato left his post, another Kgosi left his post as well. Kgosikgolo Bathoen once left his post as well Madam Speaker and joined a different entity from Bogosi. If only Bogosi was taken seriously then Dikgosi would be in their Dikgotla and not leave for anything”. Kgosi Lotlaamoreng II, MP for Goodhope/Mabule

•  “Was it not one of the promises that we kept in the BDP that we would device, execute and provide access to every citizen, empowerment schemes and programmes, and that is why so many members even of the Opposition have benefited so handsomely from the promises of the BDP? – Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi

• “You find people coming here Madam Speaker, hating a man for being recognised internationally for the contribution that he has made, it is really worrisome. Our President who has been recognised, Dr Khama, is just being hated for that and you can feel the hatred from the Leader of the Opposition and some of the Honourable Members on his side” – Slumber Tsogwane, Boteti South MP

• “Let me also thank the constituents (Goodhope/Mabule) for not electing Honourable Eric Molale because he was a Member of Parliament already as well as a Minister, they did not do that and here he is, he is back in Parliament… I plead that Honourable Kgathi should for once stop being a film star and focus on more important things; he is always here performing” – Same Bathobakae, MP for Tlokweng

• “I am sorry to say this Madam, I have filed a motion, your Deputy has said to me, ‘go and pray to Mr Mokaila to give you permission to submit your motion’. I said, no. I repeated again that I do not pray false idols. Madam Speaker, this country needs water now, not tomorrow” – Ignatius Moswaane, Francistown West MP.

• “Ke re ke botse gore e ya ESP, o e tlhalosetsa batlhophi ka tsela e e ntseng jang gore ba e utlwisise sentle? Ka gore go lebega e kare e tsholeditse tshepho ya batho thata, mo e leng gore gatwe le mo dibareng fela motho o a ne a bitsa case a bo a re “nnyaa, mme mphe fela e tla a re fa stimulus se tla ke go bone” – Dithapelo Keorapetse, Selebi-Phikwe West MP

•  “Ke batla go leboga fela gore the only person whom I respect ke Gaolathe, quiet and cool. Mo Palamenteng ke monna fela yo o ka fitlhelang a ntse jaana, mme o na le maboko” – Botlogile Tshireletso, Mahalapye East MP

• “BDF does not need jetfighters. Fa o reka jet selo sa ntlha you are becoming offensive to other countries because re lebeletse range ya yone. BDF needs helicopters to move from one area to the other. We are looking inside we are not looking outside. O ka di reka di jet tseo. You offend who? You offend your neighbours. Ga ba itumele” – Pius Mokgware, Gabane/Mmankgodi MP

• “One thing I do know is that the diamond industry… I call it a mafia. A mafia in the sense that there are only those who are in it and can sell them, they have channels of selling. As a country, we do not have the channel and we need a partner to do that” – Kitso Mokaila, Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources

• “I was listening to some honourable members who are present here and some former members, vilifying the Government programmes, even the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP), before we could even hear what the ESP entails. I liken them to a person who when a woman is pregnant, they start talking about the unborn baby’s looks, “the baby will have a big nose, it will have large ears, the eyes will be like this” – Nonofho Molefhi, Selebi-Phikwe East MP

• “There were those who were happy to see the Vice President and even asked to take pictures with him as they did not sustain serious injuries and that is not a problem. There is no violation of any Act because having a picture with a leader of this country is something that in this instance you would say and be understood by these people as comforting and is something that shows how much this Government cares” – Eric Molale, Minister of Presidential Affairs.


• “Some members of the opposition live under an illusion that they are more intelligent than the majority Botswana Democratic Party members and they think they can abuse us in a manner that they want… If at all you are pretending to be God Fearing honourable Nkaigwa, please agree with honourable Mangole to reinstate Sidney Pilane into the party. Why do you want to prevent another person from enjoying their rights?” Shaw Kgathi, Bobonong MP

• “I will not accept the other member in this House I will not accept him because I have realised that this house is now being turned into Bogosi. It seems like most of the Members in this House will be Dikgosi. We should not welcome them because we want members in this House to be politicians not Dikgosi” – Kosta Markus, Maun East MP