Nasha, UDC’s Valentine present

SHARE   |   Friday, 12 February 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Nasha Nasha

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is scheduled to welcome former Speaker of the National Assembly Margaret Nasha into its ranks on Valentine’s Day (14 February, 2016) at Marulamantsi Freedom Square from 1400hrs. This is expected to be a star rally and will be officiated by UDC leadership including president Duma Boko, Secretary General Ndaba Gaolatlhe and Chairman Motlatsi Molapisi.

Nasha, who is a former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) member, is considered to be a valuable addition to UDC. Nasha has always commanded a sense of activism for women in politics as well as good administrative qualities. Her jumping ship into UDC is expected to bring tremendous boost to the opposition’s campaign to dethrone the ruling party. According to a statement written by Gaolatlhe, Nasha had pleaded to join the party as an ordinary member.

Political analyst Ndulamo Morima said Nasha could be more effective if she is given a role to play in the party. Morima said Nasha has good administrative as well as activism skills which would help the party. “If they give her a chance to contribute her experience the party will benefit from her,” he said.
However, Morima said if her arrival is not blessed by all members it may cause tension in the party. ‘If some members see her as a threat to take up positions in the party it may cause a problem in opposition ranks. They must all open their hearts and welcome her if they want everything to go smoothly,” cautioned Morima.  

Nasha has had a long career in the civil service and a distinguished career as a ruling party politician having served as minister in different portfolios.