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Marina in heart operations

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 17 February 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Marina in heart operations

Princess Marina Hospital will conduct another round of cardiac procedures starting tomorrow 18th February until 26th February 2016. Some 33 patients will undergo different cardiac procedures.

“Four (4) patients will get pacemakers, 8 will do open heart surgeries, 22 will do angiograms and 33 echos. The procedures will be conducted in conjunction with the Mauritius Medical Team from the Cardiac Centre at Pamplemousse, Mauritius. The last batch of successful cardiac procedures was conducted in November 2015 where 8 patients underwent open heart surgeries, 30 echos, 17 angiograms, 3 pacemakers and two stents. The operations were all successful,” said hospital spokesperson Donnell Kutlapye in a statement.

The Mauritius Medical Team has partnered with Princess Marina Hospital since 2009. So far 108 open heart surgeries, 23 insertion of pacemakers (batteries), 212 angiograms, 19 stents (insertion of wires) and around 500 heart scans have been conducted.

Meanwhile, Kutlapye said the Hospital has just completed another successful round of hip and knee replacements.  The team did seven knee replacements and seven hip replacements. “Four patients who were supposed to do the operations did not undergo operations due to various medical conditions while one patient decided at the last minute not to,” he said.