JT Foxx comes to Botswana

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Foxx Foxx

JT Foxx, widely considered as the world’s top wealth coach and speaker, will grace Batswana with his presence on the 6th of September 2014 at the Boipuso Hall in Gaborone for a two day(s) business seminar which is aimed at taking entrepreneurs from various trades on how to take their business across borders.

He came from having very little money to now owning multiple brands and companies that span across the world.  He networks and does business with some of the world’s top business owners and industry influencers.  JT Foxx first came over to Africa in early 2013 to speak at a conference, and saw the overwhelming potential and need for something he could provide a possibility. 


JT’s business model has always been “powered by your success,” and every time he hears a thank you or a success story he knows what his purpose is.  JT has been speaking in South Africa for a little over a year now and has changed thousands of lives for business owners and entrepreneurs.  His first South African student, to this day, leaves an impact that JT will never forget. Ettiene Pretorius was a small time property broker in Pretoria when he first saw JT Foxx speak.  Now after 14 months of being a part of JT’s coaching program, Ettiene has exceeded JT’s expectations.

JT Foxx has done numerous free events on his world tours.  After taking a break to work on his own businesses, JT decided to bring his most hard hitting and influential material to Botswana with the JT Foxx Comeback Tour. 


“Life for entrepreneurs is never measured by how much money we make, but rather how many lives we change.  Many speakers come and go, but my philosophy in any country is to build from within, learn the culture, make as many people as possible successful quickly, implement fast, and get everyone to buy into the vision.”  Nelson Mandela was quoted saying “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  JT Foxx’s purpose has always been and will always be educating the minds of our youth, our women, and would be entrepreneurs around the world. JT Foxx has shown his entrepreneurial light on Africa, bringing about possibilities and empowerment to its people.  JT has been all over South Africa and now wants to bring the same knowledge to the people of Botswana.  JT Foxx is now coming to Botswana to help educate bring more business knowledge to people looking for more opportunities and to become entrepreneurs and the future success of this country.

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