BDF fires Magosi

SHARE   |   Monday, 29 February 2016   |   By Staff Writer
DISMISED;Peter Magosi DISMISED;Peter Magosi

Brigadier Peter Magosi has reportedly been dismissed from the army, impeccable sources revealed on Friday night. Magosi is a veteran of the army who has had strained relations with army command in recent years. He was a few years ago at the centre of missing spying equipment that was settled at the last minute to avoid a public disclosure of army secrets at the High Court. Sources have revealed that Magosi never enjoyed a cordial relationship with Lieutenant General Gaolathe Galebotswe. Magosi joined the army in 1985, two years after Galebotswe. Both were to later be trained by British Special Air Services and worked together for many years.

He is among others credited with forming an army intelligence unit that was codenamed ‘Cobra’ and worked over the years to establish himself an intelligence cadre of note. Magosi would later succeed Galebotswe as head of the Commando unit. While it was not immediately clear what could have led to the dismissal of Magosi from the army one of the latest known frictions with his army bosses dealt with an adultery accusation case. The High Court last year halted proceedings of the army’s Board of Enquiry when it wanted to deal with the matter. Through attorney Dick Bayford, Magosi got a Court order against the matter on grounds that cellphone records be availed with regard to the time when he was alleged to have committed the said offence.