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BaGangwaketse celebrate heritage

SHARE   |   Sunday, 31 August 2014   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kanye junction Kanye junction

Bagangwaketse will on the 13th of September host the Mmakgodumo Heritage and cultural festival under the theme ‘Ngwao yame, Mokgabo wame’. This event is being held for the second time under the auspices of Bathoen II Trust and Ngwaketse Tribal Authority.

Among the speakers expected to address the audience at the event is Botswana Tourism Organisation Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brian Dithebe. Paramount Chief for Bagangwaketse, Malope Gaseitsewe and other dignitaries will also grace the event.

Publicity secretary, Osenotse Mabote said they will be celebrating their culture “and it is open to the community at large to come and learn about our culture. Our elders will be there and we will engage in a lot of activities that makes us unique  like dikgafela, traditional shows, mephato will be there and people will be taught about the history and our culture by Kgosi Kitso Kelosiwang. We will dance to setapa which originates from Gangwaketse in Sesung. The old people will dance to the traditional setapa which is different from the contemporary setapa,” he said.

Mabote said that the for this year  does not only look at the way the people dress but also in consideration of the beauty of their landscape and their achievements as Bagangwaketse. He said that it is through these festivities that they will appreciate their legendary heroes from their tribe and celebrate them like the late Makaba II who is the founder of Kanye who ruled in the year 1790-1824. The venue is also Mmakgodumo looking at the splendour of the place which is in between the hills, and also to appreciate Jwaneng which falls under their town for being the hub for Botswana diamonds.
“We also have Thaba ya Ntlhane in Kanye and many other things that we pride ourselves with. One thing that is also of substance to us is the ability to lead by our people, for example Kgosi Bathoen II who led from 1928-1969 is the man who brought education to Botswana with the first teachers school in Botswana called King George in Goo-Ruele in 1947. He is also the first person to bring corporates here and initiated the council. He built the first food storage in which the students were given supplementary food from there. He also gave Balete land when he realised that they did not have anywhere to stay and we also have former president Masire who was president for this great nation for 18 years,” Mabote said.

Mabote said that they are doing preparations for this event and in a build up towards the main occasion on the 13th of September they will have cultural night on the 30th of August which is more into celebrating what happened back then in entertainment with Kgosi Kebapetse Telekelo as the guest speaker for the event. Gongmaster will be performing at this event with other artists, and traditional food and other traditional activities will also be in store.

Events before the mega event will be paid 50 pula for entrance as a way of raising funds for the main event that will be on the 13th which will be absolutely free to all. Mabote said they need all the help that they can get from individuals and even corporates in order to make this event a success. He thanked arts and culture, Botswana Tourism organisation and First National Bank who are already on board and as such urging other corporates to take part as they celebrate their culture and show it off to Batswana, since this is an event for all Batswana to celebrate the diversity of Botswana.