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BDP is cursed – Nkaigwa

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
BDP is cursed – Nkaigwa

The MP for Gaborone North Haskins Nkaigwa declared Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) a cursed party that needs to be delivered. Nkaigwa said this when debating a request by Government for Parliament to allow it to guarantee P1 billion loan from Barclays Bank and ABSA Limited Bank to assist BCL. Nkaigwa fumed, accusing Government of asking them to do something that was ‘very ridiculous’. He said the Government of Botswana was cursed and hence requiring spiritual intervention. “It is very clear that they need help. Currently we are trying to address high rates of unemployment in our nation but we are not coping with them and each and every day we are presented with supplementary budgets to fund as many institutions as possible. We are such a rich country with poor people and we ask ourselves why, if you think these problems are physical they are not; they are spiritual,” he said.

Nkaigwa said investing P1.2 billion in BCL won’t solve anything the way they anticipate it would. Rather, he charged, it is time to accept that the BDP has failed Batswana. Nkaigwa said if BDP was his child he would take it to the church to get it cleansed. “Ha nkabe BDP e le ngwanake ne ke ta e isa ko kerekeng e ke neng ke e tsena pele gore e ye go tsenngwa dibata e bo e peitiwa go ntshiwe di curse tse di mo go yone”, he said. On whether he wanted BCL to close down, Nkaigwa said that was not what he was saying but rather wondered why the government couldn’t be the one financing other than Barclays. Nkaigwa said he does not think other banks were given an opportunity to provide finance to BCL other than Barclays.  “BCL is a dying company, it is no longer feasible, many companies are closing down, not only BCL; this government is cursed,” he said. When responding to him the Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Shaw

Kgathi, said they are very aware that Nkaigwa was once a BDP youth member who was very active, but said there is no demon that is following him that he needs to be delivered from. MP Botlogile Tshireletso said when someone goes to church at an older age those are the results because they get crazy, unlike them who have been to church since they were very young. Tshireletso said if he so thinks the government of Botswana is cursed then he should be able to contribute to the economy because that is a call for anyone to do. “People should stop saying Domkrag e rile, motho o ta helela a pekiswa le ke go nna a bua leina la domkrag (someone will get mad from saying the name domkrag so many times),” she said. She said that just the way opposition members always take the stand to accuse them they as BDP members should be given the same time to respond to such.