Magosi out, Dzikamani next

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 April 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Mothobi Mothobi

Shortly after the removal of military intelligence chief Brigadier Peter Magosi at Botswana Defence Force (BDF) there is reportedly a strong lobby to remove the controversial spy agent Dzikamani Mothobi, The Patriot on Sunday has learnt. Sources close to the army reveal that Mothobi was instructed to appear before BDF's Medical Board to determine his level of fitness for duty in a move suspected to be building a case to purge him, as it was the most likely weighty factor. The Board gave Mothobi a clean bill of health and declared him fit for duty. This was repeated again recently when Mothobi was instructed to reappear before the Board again - a persistent strategy and concerted attempt to get rid of him.

Also called before the Medical Board was Mothobi's son, who is also an army officer, sources said. Upon discovery that the repeated appearance before the Medical Board was an attempt to find an excuse to release him from the service Mothobi registered a complaint with President Ian Khama - The Commander-In-Chief of the Army. It is alleged that Khama has since ordered that the medical board assessments against Mothobi be stopped forthwith after realising that they were not objective.

Mothobi’s rise

Mothobi rose to prominence after performing the starring role in the extra judicial killing of John Kalafatis near Moonlight Shopping complex in extension 12, Gaborone. Mothobi and three others were later convicted and sentenced to prison terms. They were to later get Presidential pardons and reinstated to their posts shortly thereafter. Mothobi is alleged to have enjoyed preferential treatment while in prison as he was permitted to carry out some operations regarding illegal immigrants, while supposedly serving time. The purging of some intelligence agents in the army have spilled into the political arena, and divided the spy community between factional battles developing in the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

The name of the Director of Intelligence Services Isaac Kgosi also features in the swash-buckling and manueveuring in the intelligence community both within and outside the army. As loyalties realign in the run up to Khama's departure from the presidency close sources reveal that senior intelligence officers are preparing to switch loyalties to incoming leadership. Sources closely monitoring the developments in the intelligence community claim that Khama is not amused by the shenanigans playing out and is unhappy with the turn of events. The President is therefore stamping his authority to show that he is still in control. It is further alleged that there are plans to remove Kgosi from heading the DIS to deploy him elsewhere, possibly as an Ambassador.