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Bomaid concerned with growing C-section deliveries

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 13 April 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Bomaid concerned with growing C-section deliveries

Bomaid has revealed improved maternity benefits and unveiled its revamped Bombaby logo on April 12. This follows Bomaid’s recent move of launching a refreshed corporate identity. In her address, Dr Lorato Mangadi, Fund Administration Manager for Southview (Pty) Ltd, the Administrators of Bomaid, stated that “the Bomaid maternity programme, commonly known as “Bombaby”, was started in 2009 in response to the Society’s desire to not only offer maternity care and support to their expectant members in line with international best practices but to also contribute positively towards the Ministry of Health’s Safe Motherhood Initiative goal of achieving a reduction in maternal morbidity and mortality as well as reduction in obstetric complications.  The programme complements the care and support members receive from their doctors.

Dr Mangadi said, “As a funder, Bomaid is concerned about the ever rising rates of Caesarean section deliveries. On average, Bomaid has funded 1,000 pregnancies every year for the last three years and during the same period, the scheme has paid P37m towards confinement and child birth alone. For this period, Bomaid has seen, on average, a 45:55 split between natural births and Caesarean births. For 2015 alone, the rate of C-sections was as high as 61%”. Dr Mangadi stated that “as much as it is the mandate of Bomaid to pay for the services members receive, we would hope that all C-section deliveries that are motivated for are informed by medical necessity rather than personal preference”. The Bombaby programme is the first of its kind in Botswana and the most comprehensive.

Commenting on the refreshed Bombaby logo, Beulah Mapitse, Sales and Marketing Manager for Southview, said “the Bombaby logo inspiration is derived from the refresh concept, when rolling out the new brand positioning, we strive to align all product and service identities to the brand vision and intent, thus reinforcing what the new Bomaid brandmark stands for. The logo elements of the Bombaby combined together are meant to emphasize the bond that Bomaid has with their members, thus stamping its authority on life being a journey even from the beginning – your journey is our journey. Your baby is our baby. The heart emphasizes that Bomaid cares, that we are at the centre of it all."

Bomaid revealed its refreshed Bombaby logo at the official opening of Serurubele Centre, a new service provider for the Bombaby programme. Serurubele Centre management shared with the audience services they offer to Bomaid members and to the public in general. Through the Bombaby Programme and Serurubele Centre partnership, Bombaby moms and dads-to-be will enjoy enhanced maternity benefits.  Registered members will be spoilt with insightful pregnancy information in the form of weekly emails pertaining to their week of pregnancy (gestation week) and also have a place on the enrolment class dubbed “Understanding Your Pregnancy”.