'Prosecute Councillor Amon'-BONELA

SHARE   |   Monday, 23 May 2016   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
'Prosecute Councillor Amon'-BONELA

The Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) vows to get justice done, for  a 16 year old school girl, who fell pregnant after allegedly  being taken advantage of by a local politician. Addressing members of the media on Wednesday in Gaborone, BONELA's Policy and Legal Advisor, Phazha Molebatsi said that after they went on a fact finding mission to Sebina  recently and meeting with the girl’s family they have now left the investigations to the police but has since advised them on befitting charges to institute. Molebatsi ’statement was reiterated by renowned  Human rights lawyer Uyapo Ndadi, who was part of the BONELA team that went on a fact finding mission to Sebina. "We are of the strong view, and we have shared these views with thepPolice, that there exists at least a prima facie case of providing a child with alcohol and causing a child to engage in immoral sexual activities contrary to sections 57(3) (c) and 60 of the Children’s Act. These offences attract a minimum sentence of 2 years to 10 years or a fine of P20 000.00 to P50 000.00,” Ndadi said at  a press conference in Gaborone on Wednesday.

According to Ndadi, although the offences, as far as they  know have not been previously litigated upon, he is of the view that there is no better time than now to test them and send a strong message out there that to have sex with children young enough to be your children when you are already married is immoral. Ndadi who is working hand in hand with BONELA on the case, says they  have urged the police to at least prosecute using the child act. “Our trip to Sebina was largely successful. We met with the family and the survivor- the girl child. Although they gave us a warm reception, it was not easy to have them talk to us about the incident. They were under strict instructions from government officials not to talk about the incident to anyone,” said Ndadi.
They, according to Ndadi, managed to establish  that although the councillor and girl started engaging in sexual intercourse together early this year, the councillor met and proposed love to the girl sometimes last year. “The Councillor attempted to have sex with her in December 2015, before she turned 16 but they were both saved by the menstrual period. I say both saved because the child could have been defiled and the Councillor would have committed an offence,” Ndadi said.

The  girl according to Ndadi indicate that she started communicating with councillor Amon after the latter accosted her outside his shop and demanded that she gives him her mobile number.  There after  countless calls and messages ensued and that marked the beginning of everything which includes the  Councillor  buying  her expensive alcohol. Ndadi stated that according to the child she lost her virginity to the Councillor and it would seem she was coerced into it as  she really did not know how to handle the pressure of being asked out by an elderly person. In her own words she said “Ga ke itse gore mogolo o ganwa jang, ke tswa kgakala ke gana balekane bame.”  According to Ndadi  from January 2016, the couple started having sexual encounters which happened at least 6 occasions. After the pregnancy was  discovered by the child’s teachers at Nata Senior Secondary School, the child apparently lied to her teachers, parents and the police that she had been raped by a BX driver .

After the matter was reported to the police and the police felt her statement was not plausible, it is then that she revealed that she has had an affair with the councillor. .The family and the Councillor were summoned by the Police and the Councillor accepted responsibility. He went on to say to the police that he doesn’t want to see his name in the papers. He further said that he will provide whatever is needed by the family and the family responded that they are not there for that sort of talk. Fortunately  the team had since established that the child is HIV negative, and is said to be four months and some days pregnant.