#IShallNotForget allowed to march

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 25 May 2016   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
#ISHALLNOTForget activists outside The High Court of Botswana in Gaborone on Tuesday #ISHALLNOTForget activists outside The High Court of Botswana in Gaborone on Tuesday

The state has lost with costs, a case in which campaigners from a movement known as  Women and Men Against All Abuse of Children were challenging the state’s decision to deny them a permit to engage in a peaceful march, protesting the abuse of children. When delivering the judgement in Gaborone on Wednesday Justice Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe ordered the Officer Commanding District No.3 to issue the applicants, who in this case we representing the movement, a permit to march. According to Ketlogetswe the Botswana Police service was wrong to deny the demonstrators the permit. He also differed with the state’s contention that the matter was not urgent, according to Ketlogetswe the reasons provided for by the applicants and a letter addressed to ‘all men’ by the Minister of Education and Skills Development Unity Dow that they had annexed as evidence showed that there is no doubt that the applicants  should be permitted to march. Ketlogetswe also ruled that the Law Society of Botswana be admitted into the case as friends of the court as they had earlier applied to. The state had challenged the application. Meanwhile the organisers of the #IShallNotForget movement welcomed the judgement with jubilation and song in front of the high court and indicate that the march will take place soon. “We will communicate the details of the march as soon as logistics are covered, dates and route of march,” wrote Tumie Mohoasa on the movement’s Facebook page.