Justice Tafa takes exception

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 June 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Justice Tafa Justice Tafa

Justice Abednego Tafa has taken a strong exception to claims that he has received P202 676.95 from January 2004 to November 2015 as housing allowance which he did not deserve. Through his lawyers Collins Newman & Co, Tafa insists that the “published statements… are devoid of truth and factual basis and are a complete and malicious fabrication, and there is no foundation at all for the serious defamation of our client. Without being exhaustive, those grievous and defamatory allegations impute to our client corruption, dishonesty, deceitfulness, impropriety, abuse of abuse, and pursuit of self-interest, to the detriment of the interests of the public and unfit to hold the venerable and high position of Judge of the High Court of Botswana.”

Tafa maintains that he was appointed as an Acting Judge of the High Court on 25 July 2005 and therefore could not possibly have received housing allowance in 2004 because he was not judge. He was appointed on a permanent and pensionable basis in August 2007. He resided in his personal house in Extension 9, Gaborone from July 2005 until February 2009 commuting every day from Gaborone to Lobatse. “Our client was therefore entitled to and was paid housing allowance from July 2005 to February 2009. The housing allowance payment ceased when our client was allocated and moved into an institutional house in Lobatse from 1 March 2009 to date,” insists Collins Newman & Co. Tafa and his lawyers had given media houses that published the allegation seven days from June 6, 2016 to have responded by withdrawing the allegations or else face legal action. A minimum of P850 000.00 is demanded to assuage the harm caused.