Academy of Sciences honours Khama

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 22 June 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Academy of Sciences honours Khama

President Ian Khama has received an award of Honourary Fellowship from the Council of African Academy of Sciences. Below is the full test providing the full basis and grounds for Khama’s honouring at the Academy’s 10th General Assembly this week in Kasane:

"The Governing Council of the African Academy of Sciences has unanimously and overwhelmingly voted to bestow on you, Your Excellency, the prestigious title of Honorary Fellow of AAS. This honour and designation is being given only for the third time in the Academy’s life of 31 years. It is really a befitting honour. Some of us who are not so young have reflected on the journey that Botswana has traveled as it celebrates 50 years of nationhood, we have noted how this country has demonstrated political maturity by upholding the tenets of democracy. The world has witnessed flawless transitions in succession of Presidency with Lieutenant General Dr Sereste Khama Ian Khama as the fourth President of the Republic of Botswana. In this regard we recognize that Botswana has been the helm of peace and democracy and a model for economic growth in the region.

This has come as a result of the leadership you and your predecessors have provided. Your views and convictions in the provision of equal opportunities and dignity for all through innovation creativity and hard work are well known. Botswana, under your leadership has indeed taken bold steps to meet these three guiding principles; The fourth, Infrastructure – such as the huge investment made to establish the likes of the Botswana Innovation Hub research park (BIH), Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) and the Botswana Institute for technology research and innovation (BITRI), are sound proofs of your commitment. Your Excellency, we understand BITRI has one of the best Centres for Material Science development and characterisation in Africa; in the area of ICT, yet a huge investment that has brought dramatic mobile penetration. This year, we have witnessed the establishment of the Botswana Academy of Sciences whose inauguration is today.

We also appreciate and admire Botswana’s outward look into the region and the continent. Botswana hosts the headquarters of the Southern African Development Council, SADC – an institution that Sir Seretse Khama played key roles as architect and concept developer. We are fully aware that tomorrow you will be officiating at the Innovation Prize for Africa, and today we are delighted that you have come all the way here to be with us.” President Khama has received a number of honours and awards including the Presidential Order of Honour, Founder Officer Medal, Duty Code Order and the Distinguished Service Medal. He was awarded the Conservation Award by the African Safari Club in the US in 1991 and the Endangered Wildlife Trust Statesman Award in 2001. In October 2015, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Politics from Konkuk University in South Korea.