Opposition MPs behaving like castrated bulls – Arone

SHARE   |   Thursday, 07 July 2016   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Opposition MPs behaving like castrated bulls – Arone

In his usual militancy – a character he used to torment the ruling party MPs with – the recently defected Botswana Congress Party (BCP) MP Bagalatia Arone took the war to his former colleagues in the opposition. In his maiden speech as a member of the ruling party MP, Arone didn’t waste time and fired the first shot, accusing opposition MPs of behaving like frustrated castrated bulls. “Honourable Members, on the other side, had a few japs at me and I just want to say to them I am not concerned because that is just the frustration of a castrated bull,” he hit out as the other side of the aisle roared in disapproval of the term castrated bulls.

MP for Gaborone North Haskins Nkaingwa called on the speaker Gladys Kokorwe to call Arone to order, saying the word was unparliamentarily. “Honestly speaking I did not mean to take a jap at anybody, fela jaaka ba ba buang Setswana ba a tle ba bue ba re, “fa o metsa thapo tsa morula o a bo o ikantse boathamo jwa marago.” Kana golo mo is a lesson,” said the unremorseful Arone. Next on Arone’s verbal onslaught was his former colleague at BCP, Dithapelo Keorapetse, saying he was a frustrated young man who has never set foot in Okavango. He likened Keorapetse to a puppy that is barking at an elephant and this was to a response from the Selibe Phikwe West MP who said Arone’s blue suit was part of defection package. “I mean when people like bo Keorapetse talk, you liken them to puppies. I mean what effect they would have?” hit the second shot to his former colleague, leaving the whole house in stiches.

Next to land on Arone’s sharp spear was the maverick Opposition chief whip and MP for Francistown South Wynter Mmolotsi, who wanted clarification on why the Okavango MP defected to the ruling party. Arone had none of it and refused to yield, “You know Honourable Mmolotsi, if I was to ask you honestly, when you left the BDP, did you leave the BDP on a principle that there is something that you want to correct or because you left as an angry young man?” He said that he has made the right decision to join the ruling party and does not regret it. “My constituents were sad when I left,” he said.  On his defection to the ruling party, Arone said he is the first MP to consult his constituents before he jumped ship. “I had gone to all the 32 villages and I have talked to my constituents. They were sad, but at the end of the day they understood my position,” he revealed.