"Ke tlaa go shapa" (I will beat you) – MP Tshireletso

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 03 August 2016   |   By Staff Writer
"Ke tlaa go shapa" (I will beat you) – MP Tshireletso

• Calls MP Nkaigwa a demi God possessed by demons

The floor of Parliament was once again reduced to a circus on Tuesday afternoon during the discussion of the Whistleblowing' Bill, when an irate MP for Mahalapye East Botlogile Tshireletso  lunged into Haskins Nkaigwa-MP for Gaborone North - threatening to beat him up. Nkaigwa invited the ire of Tshireletso - the assistant minister of Local Government and Rural Development - when he questioned her credentials as a cabinet member after the latter erroneously rose on a Point of Order, when seeking clarification on his submissions. Rising on a point of Order, which forced Nkaigwa to yield to allow her interruption, Tshireletso reminded the MP that the general assembly (a private meeting of all parliamentarians) had, contrary to his claim, agreed that religion should not be used to attack other MPs on the floor of parliament.  "Tumelo ya gago mo Modimong ga yaa tshwanela go dirisiwa go sotlha ba bangwe. Ga rea dumalana gore go seka ga buiwa ka Modimo jaaka o bua," said Tshireletso.

The Speaker, Gladys Kokorwe, advised Tshireletso that her intervention was not a point of order but sought clarification, which she accepted. But all hell broke loose after Nkaigwa capitalised on the error and questioned the credibility of "people appointed cabinet ministers who are clueless about parliamentary processes". The comment enraged Tshireletso who threw tantrums, swearing that she will not be belittled and her credentials questioned by people who did not vote her to represent them in parliament. Having held numerous positions in Parliament during her two terms in the House, an emotionally charged Tshireletso boasted that she has a lot of experience and is conversant with parliamentary procedure. In the vernacular she retorted that Nkaigwa should not disrespect her, accusing him of being a demi-god and possessed by demons. "O seka wa batla go ntlwaella mo palamenteng, o ntlhokela maitseo. Jaaka go kwadilwe mo Bibeleng e tlaare motlha wa bohelo ha lehatshe le ya bokhutlong go tla a tla baruti ka mehuta le medimo ya disetwa...O tsenwe ke matimona, ee o tsamaiwa ke matimona," said Tshireletso, before pointing a threatening finger at Nkaigwa and adding "ke tlaa go shapa. Ke tsile go go shapa wena".

After rumbling on at length about how she was elected by people who have confidence in her in Mahalapye East she took her seat but generally remained disorderly, shouting at opposition MPs across the floor of parliament disregarding the Speaker who watched the drama helplessly. An intervention by Maun West MP Tawana Moremi asking the Speaker to protect the right to express personal opinion about the office of a cabinet minister only fuelled Tshireletso's rage.