2nd Job Summit set for October

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 23 August 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Dr Pheko Dr Pheko

Following last year’s inaugural job summit, organisers of the event have slated this year’s installment for October under the theme, ‘Maximising job creation through effective policy and strategy implementation’. Conference Director, Dr Mpho Pheko of OneSource Consulting said on Monday at press briefing that 2nd edition of the Annual Botswana Job Summit is influenced by the 2015 summit deliberations which emphasized the existence of sound policies, strategies and programmes in Botswana, but highlighted the challenges relating to implementation of the same. She said the previous summit did a very good job of situating the jobs challenge and coming up with ideas as to how jobs can be created both in the short-term, medium-term and long-term.

The summit is said to have highlighted the fact that for the stakeholders, including government, to successfully drive the job creation agenda, adjustments will have to be made between policy level and implementation levels to ensure that the link between policy and outputs is a positive link – in terms of jobs created. Pheko said the questions for the 2016 Summit will be guided by how implementation and delivery can be enhanced and facilitated in Botswana. The objectives of the 2nd job summit will include presentation of progress and discussion of findings, recommendations and resolutions derived from the first edition, bring stakeholders together to assess the current status of policy and strategy implementation and identify critical opportunities for effective policy and strategy implementation in Botswana.

The summit set for October 10-11, 2016 will also include presentation of local, regional and international best practices in implementation of initiatives and job creation.