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Expedite India-Africa Diamond Institute – Minister

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 24 August 2016   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Expedite India-Africa Diamond Institute – Minister

Visiting Indian Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri Jual Oram has called on Botswana and Indian government to work together to implement the project for establishment of India-Africa Diamond Institute. Speaking at the reception hosted by the Indian Commission Oram said that the early establishment of the IADI will be mutually beneficial to Botswana and India with Botswana now being the Diamond Hub. Indian Diamond Institute (IDI) is all set to support the government of Botswana in setting up a state-of-the-art diamond institute in the country

According to the IDI, the courses to be taught at the institute in Botswana would include diamond cutting, polishing and grading along with jewellery manufacturing. A team from India will be in Botswana for three months to provide training to the professionals. Another area which Botswana can benefit from India, according to Minister Oram, is in the area of solar energy. “There is great potential for bilateral cooperation in the solar energy sector, with International Solar Alliance in place,” he said, adding that India has skills and resources which can be beneficial to Botswana.