'Sodomites' failed to stop 'soul winning' SA, Botswana trip - US pastor

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'Sodomites' failed to stop 'soul winning' SA, Botswana trip - US pastor

Jenni Evans, News24

Anti-gay US pastor Steven Anderson is pleased the “sodomites” did not succeed in having him banned from entering "liberal commie" South Africa.

“Once again leaders of the govt met with LGBT sodomites [sic] and they are trying to get me banned from entering South Africa,” he said in an update on YouTube on his planned “soul winning” tour, scheduled for September 17 and 18.

“So the South African Human Rights Commission [SAHRC] and the minister of internal affairs and whatever got together and once again they decided that I will not be banned from entering South Africa.

“So I am going to be able to personally be there and be part of this event.”

He said the 20 people from his church would have come to South Africa anyway, but he was pleased he would be able to join them.

Home affairs said in a statement on Monday that following a meeting with the SAHRC and representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) community, it had been decided that he could come if he behaved himself. LGBTI members had collected signatures for a petition to stop his visit.

Parking lot meeting

Anderson said their breakfast and lunch plans had been changed after some restaurants and hotels said they would refuse to allow him onto their premises. They would meet in a parking lot in Boksburg, outside another restaurant which turned him down.

“We were going to meet at Sugar Cube café. But it turns out that they love perversion and hate the word of God. So they have banned us from entering their restaurant,” he said.

Wimpy, Spur, Growthpoint Properties and Premier OR Tambo hotel in Kempton Park all said he would not be able to preach his anti-gay message on their premises.

They would still meet in the car park of the Sugar Cube cafe and then find somewhere that would let them meet for a meal and some “soul winning”. He would preach at a venue to be revealed only to those who attend the “soul winning” meals.

He criticized Christians in South Africa for not defending him. He said South Africa was a “liberal commie place” full of “freaks and weirdos”.

The theme of his trip was not about being anti-gay, but about “soul winning”, and going door to door spreading the word of his church. He asked for prayers for himself and his entourage.

“Over there it's just a little more of the law of the jungle.”

Hoping for better reception in Botswana

If he was kicked out of South Africa, he and his entourage of 20 would continue to their next stop - Botswana. He believed the reception there would be better since the Botswana government had already expressed a dislike for gays. Their speaker of Parliament had said in 2011 that gays “should be publicly executed,” he said.

He was pleased that 51% of people who took part in a News24 poll believed he should be allowed to come to South Africa because the country had free speech. By noon on Tuesday, 32% of those who voted in the poll said no, because he “is a homophobe” and 17% said he could come “as long as he behaves”. 

GaySA Radio's Hendrik Baird, who started the petition against Anderson's visit, said they were grateful to Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba for his understanding and believed that he had not made a final decision on the issue. They would collect more evidence to bolster the call for him to be refused entry. He said that although a US citizen did not need a visa to visit the country, he could be “tied up in red tape” over an application for a work visa.

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