Saleshando dismisses Annah’s claims

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 13 September 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Saleshando dismisses Annah’s claims

Read below as Botswana Congress Party (BCP) President Dumelang Saleshando dismisses the new Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) recruit Annah Motlhagodi-Mokgethi’s claims for leaving the BCP:  

Earlier today – September 12, 2016 – Annah Mokgethi, formerly Annah Motlhagodi, joined the BDP. At her welcome press conference, she stated that she decided to leave the BCP some months back on account of factions that are rife at the BCP. I normally do not comment on the reasons that former members of the BCP advance for leaving the party. In this particular case, I wish to share the facts as comrade Annah Mokgethi requested for a meeting with me before resigning from the BCP.

Annah informed me about a month before resigning that she had decided to terminate her membership for two reasons. The first was that her law firm was not performing well and she wanted to apply for a job, possibly in one of the parastatals. The BCP membership would be a problem for her job search. The second reason she advanced was that she is now married to a BDP member. According to her, at the time of their union, they had agreed that the husband will not play an active role in politics but will remain a silent supporter. The husband has since decided to be active and it was embarrassing for her when they have to travel to campaigns such as during by-elections, clad in different party colours heading to different rallies in the family car. Now that the husband is active, she thought she should be inactive politically and pursue her career.

I understood her predicament and recommended that she should consider announcing that she had retired from politics to focus on her career. As they say, the rest is history. None of the reasons she stated to me for leaving the BCP were restated at the press conference. There is now a new reason that the youth league congress, which she did not attend, was riddled with factional wars. I respect her decision and wish her well but wish she could be the woman of integrity that I have worked with in the BCP and remain truthful with all the statements she makes.