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Well done Botswana on Anderson

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 21 September 2016   |   By The Citizen
Well done Botswana on Anderson

The actions of governments against hate-monger Steven Anderson is a giant step forward. Well done to the Botswana government for showing the door to Steven Anderson, the shameless anti-gay American pastor who calls for the execution of homosexuals.

Anderson, who in 2009 infamously prayed for US President Barack Obama’s death, was arrested by immigration officials shortly after being interviewed on a popular radio station. The controversial preacher arrived in Botswana last Thursday for a “soul-winning” event, just days after he was banned from visiting South Africa over his characterisation of gays as “sodomites” and “paedophiles.”

The SA and Botswana governments should be commended for mustering the courage to stop this bigot masquerading as a man of the cloth from spreading his hatred in their countries. The actions of the governments is a giant step forward, sending an eloquent message to the world that they will not tolerate hate and intolerance masked as religion. [citizen.co.za]