The Pantoon is not mine - Khama

SHARE   |   Monday, 26 September 2016   |   By Solomon Tjinyeka

President Ian Khama has denied claims he owns the Pantoon at Mohembo bridge in the Okavango constituency. He refuted the claims at a Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) rally in Shakawe over the weekend. Khama said the untrue allegations were traded by BCP delegation that visited the constituency after their former MP Bagalatia Arone ditched the party. Khama said the BCP misinformed Batswana that he has leased a ferry operating at Mohembo to the government.

Khama said BCP also claimed that the reason government took long to build a bridge at Mohembo was because the president he was benefiting from the Pantoon. “BCP said that CTO has hired the Pantoon so if the government builds a bridge they won’t benefit. Those were lies by BCP; the Pantoon is not mine,” Khama said. Khama attacked BCP by labeling them as liars who want to mislead Batswana. “Opposition parties … are good at lying,” Khama fumed. Meanwhile, he assured the residents that a contractor responsible for construction of the Mohembo Bridge would start the project soon. He said the long awaited project will benefit Okavango residents.