BCP gets helicopter

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 October 2014   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

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As the elections campaign intensifies, the battle of resources has taken a peak, following revelations that the Botswana Congress Party has hired a helicopter to traverse various parts of the country.


A source close to the opposition party said this week that the BCP campaign team, led by the party leader, Dumelang Saleshando, will undertake on a helicopter trip starting Monday to reach out to areas strewn across Botswana, especially the difficult-to-reach places.

The BCP made history by becoming the first political party in Botswana to brand a bus and use it to tour the country. They have been to a lot of constituencies and are expected to finish the trip this weekend in Gaborone. The helicopter trip is expected to be the last lap of the BCP’s pot shot at winning the hearts and mind of the voters for the elections slated for Friday the 24th October.


When asked where they were getting the funds to rent a helicopter, which is expected to fly the BCP team for four days, the source said the donations from the party membership are the ones helping the party in ensuring that it reaches out to Batswana, especially in areas that the party has never been to before.

“This time we are serious. Our members are fighting with everything that they have to ensure that we win these elections. They have contributed almost everything they have to assist the party. Towards the helicopter, I remember there is somebody who even gave out close to P60 000. We are serious about leading this country,” he said.


Meanwhile, when contacted for comment, Saleshando was cagey on the helicopter trip. He said he could only confirm that on Monday they will embark on a new kind of campaign.

He said the bus tour has been fruitful in that they managed to deliver their campaign message clearly and precisely, adding that their campaign for jobs has generated a lot of interest from people especially the youth who want permanent jobs.


“Most of them said they are not happy with the government’s piece-jobs like Tirelo Sechaba. They are skilled and need to have meaningful jobs,” he said.

Whereas the opposition parties, including the Umbrella for Democratic Change, which has bought buses to campaign across the country, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party has not joined the bandwagon. They have stuck to their usual style of using 57 party branded vehicles. However the BDP was exposed for its double standards when someone took a picture of the party campaign team enjoying a ride on army owned plane, going to address a rally in Gantsi.

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