Salary negotiations kick-off

SHARE   |   Monday, 31 October 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Motshwarakgole Motshwarakgole

Salary negotiations for public servants belonging to trade unions affiliated to the BOFEPUSU Acting Jointly Arrangement (AJA) begins in earnest before the Public Service Bargaining Council on Friday, November 04 following an Annual General Meeting last Thursday. The Thursday AGM saw councillors discussing reports by the secretary and audited financial reports for previous years. The parties also submitted names of eight substantive and eight alternate councillors each, who will take part in the negotiations. The AGM re-elected Tsetsele Fantan as the chairperson of the bargaining council, renewing her mandate after her term expired recently. Fantan will lead discussions when bargaining starts on Friday.

Thousands of public servants under BOFEPUSU will heave a sigh of relief at the commencement of 2016/17 salary negotiations after months of frustration watching their non-unionised colleagues enjoy the 3 % salary increase awarded by government in April. When negotiations start on Friday government is expected to offer the same 3% extended to non-unionised employees while the trade union Councilors will re-instate their proposal submitted last year for a 13.5% increase. Negotiations were suspended last year when Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) pulled out of the acting jointly arrangement and challenged the legitimacy of membership of the bargaining council.

The court of appeal earlier this year ordered a verification process and confirmed the admission and legitimacy of acting jointly arrangement provided one of the trade unions in the arrangement meets the minimum threshold. The verification process confirmed that that National Amalgamated Local, Central Government and Parastatal Workers Union (NALCGPWU) meet the threshold and could go into partnership with other smaller trade unions. BOPEU– which challenged the legitimacy of arrangement in court – remain outside the bargaining council after failing to apply for verification of their membership numbers.

Substantive Councillors
A. BOFEPUSU: Samuel Molaodi (Deputy Chairperson), Johnson Motshwarakgole, Mmaophala Mokgosi, Simon Kgaoganang, Tobokani Rari, Mannathoko, Johannes Tshukudu, Ketlhalefile Motshegwa
B. GOVERNMENT: Kebonye Moepeng (Deputy Chairperson), Dr Theophilus Mooko, Kitso Ditlhokwa, Mmolawa, Keireng Zuze, Lekokoto, Thato Mojaji.