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BDP saves Seametso from his King

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 October 2014   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

In an interesting turn of events, Bangwaketse paramount chief Kgosi Malope faced ruling party pressure and ultimately cancelled a kgotla meeting he had called to address the misdeamenour of a ruling party official who is also a Mongwaketse.

Malope had called a lebatla (meeting), where he had also summoned Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) national campaign manager Alec Seametso to his kgotla regarding the acidic words he uttered at a political rally in Maun recently.


The meeting, which was expected to be held this weekend and attended by Seametso’s uncles, has been postponed after a pressure from some cabinet ministers who requested that the meeting be held after the General Elections.

“Someone has been instructed to inform morafe on Saturday that the meeting has been postponed until further notice,” said our source.


It was said that they felt that the meeting will turn voters against the BDP not only in GaNgwaketse constituencies, but the country at large. According to sources at the Bangwaketse royal house, the chief is not happy at the way Seametso, who is from Kgosing Ward, spoke about the Tawana chieftainship and that of the late Kgosi Bathoen.

While the chief is aware that Seametso spoke at a politically, the problem is that he addressed Tawana in his capacity as the chief of Batawana. Kgosi Malope was expected to consult with his subjects on sending a delegation to Batawana to offer their apologies for the insults Seametso launched against them and their chief.


In his vitriolic attack to Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) parliamentary candidate for Maun West Tawana Moremi, who is also the paramount chief of Batawana, Seametso said called the former a spoilt brat who is beyond redemption.

“Kgosi e ya nyena ga e a senyega e bolosokane, o senyegetse matlakaleng, ka ntata ya nyena,” said the voluble BDP campaign manager at the rally in Maun.


The BDP official did not spare the late Kgosi Bathoen, Malope’s grandfather, whom he said was lost when he instructed Bangwaketse to vote for him as they were his subjects, during his time as a politician. Seametso said that he is not aware that he has been summoned to appear before Kgosi Malope on the acidic utterances he made during a rally in Maun.

He said that currently he was home and no one had ever come to his house to tell him that he has to attend a kgotla meeting. Asked if he will apologise if asked to do so by his paramount chief, the 32-year-old Seametso changed his tone and said that he has no comment on anything that has to do with the fateful Maun rally.


“Rra ga kena comment ka se ke se buileng ko Maun (I don’t have any comment on the Maun rally issue),” responded Seametso.

The BDP, through their Secretary General Mpho Balopi, has released a press statement rebutting allegations that President Khama insulted Tawana but surprisingly makes no mention or reference to Seametso and his utterances at the same rally.


Efforts to get comment from Bangwaketse chief Malope proved futile as he did not pick up his phone.



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