SHARE   |   Monday, 14 November 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

The Funeral Parlours Association of Botswana (FPAB) on Tuesday entered into a strategic partnership with Botswana Sectors for Educators Trade Unions (BOSETU) to extend enhanced services to the union members. According to FPAB president Bushie Mosala, they are slowly making strides towards growing their business and providing professionally enhanced crafts for their customers. Mosala said in the past all the funeral parlours in the country were doing business independently without a members’ structure. He said having no recognised structure compromised the quality of service they offered. Mosala said FPAB, which was incorporated in 2013 has over 30 companies, with several branches across the country which gives them a nationwide representation. He said the association has partnerships in the SADC region and is also recognised internationally. According to Mosala, these international partnerships have helped them improve the services they offer.

“Through our global alliance and exchange programmes, which include training, up-skilling we have introduced new crafts such as embalming,” he said, adding that they now have new body treatment methods that help keep the bodies preserved for long. He said in developed countries like America, refrigeration as a method of preserving the dead is no longer a core craft but rather a part in the process of embalming. Mosala said their role as parlour owners is to limit the pain felt by the deceased’s family whilst making lasting memories in the final farewell. “With our passion we are envisaging building an industry in the truest sense of the word. We are at an advanced stage of ensuring the right instruments are used across the different practitioners,” he added.

Mosala assured BOSETU that they will provide their members with the best crafts the market has ever seen by bringing latest trends through tapping onto pool of resources and ideas not just in the region but from around the world. PFAB has got support from the South African Funeral Parlours Association.
For his part BOSETU Chief Executive Officer Othata Batsetswe said the partnership is meant to make funeral preparations easier for their members. Otsetswe said the arrangement will help the members to access funeral services with ease wherever they might be in the country. He urged FPAB to look into opening a factory in Selebi-Phikwe to help in job creation in the area after what happened to BCL. Job creation is also FPAB’s aim as indicated by Mosala. He said: “enriching our industry we are creating employment opportunities and creating new avenues of empowerment for our citizens and providing the much-needed support in difficult economic challenges”.