BDP cllrs jostle to front for investors-claim

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 14 October 2014   |   By Shingirai Madondo

Outgoing Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councilors in Francistown are reportedly scrambling to grab some stakes in the companies expected to be set up by foreign investors in the country’s second city.


Information passed on to The Patriot on Sunday suggest that some BDP councilors in Francistown are working round the clock in a bid to utilize the political influence they still have to partner with foreign investors reportedly flowing into the country’s second city.

With the political influence they possess just about to be stripped off them, as general elections are being held on the 24th October, sources have hinted that BDP councilors are currently doing everything within their authority to ensure that they partner with them.

According to the sources, the sitting BDP councilors are courting investors who have shown interest in setting up businesses in Francistown. This is after Francistown embarked on a drive aimed at transforming the country’s second city into a city of economic vibrancy by the year 2022.

A number of investors showed unmatched interest in setting up businesses in Francistown after they were convinced at the Francistown Investment Forum held towards the end of August this year that the city is ideal for business.

During the investment forum that was attended by potential investors and captains of the industry, it was revealed that Francistown is a gateway to the rest of Africa and provides accessibility to about 300 000 clients.

“Now that potential investors are flowing into the city, the BDP councilors are jostling to front investors,” claimed outgoing councilor for Ikageleng ward, Tabengwa Tabengwa when approached for a comment.   

Without mentioning names, Tabengwa accused sitting BDP councilors of abusing their accessibility to classified information and arm twist potential investors into partnering with them.

“We have learnt that some BDP councilors are courting potential investors into partnering with them. And this is against the idea of ensuring that everyone has to be benefit from this noble initiative of coming up with an investment forum,” he said.

Tabengwa said some sitting BDP councilors have approached a certain car assembling company from the United States of America (USA) with the proposal of grabbing some stakes in the business.

“The company is said to make a capital injection of P90 billion and some BDP councilors are scrambling for a 30percent stake of the company,” claimed Tabengwa. He added that some are busy negotiating with some investors willing to venture into textile, manufacturing and ICT sectors.

James Kgalajwe, the outgoing mayor for the City of Francistown, confirmed learning about the jostling by some of his fellow councilors. He said that they have since tightened some of the loose ends which were enabling the alleged perpetrators to gain access to the information.

He confirmed that investors are beginning to flow into the country’s second largest city though he professed ignorance about the alleged car assembling firm expected to be set up in Francistown.              

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