Boko's life captured in a book

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 November 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Boko's life captured in a book

President of Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL) Richard Khomoekae on Thursday launched a book about the life of Umbrella for Democrac Change (UDC) and Botswana National Front (BNF) President Duma Gideon Boko titled ‘The Boko Factor’. The book captures the life of a young Boko growing up in Mahalapye until he becomes the man that he is and the challenges that he met on the way. Boko revealed that when he was approached by Khumoekae about writing the book, he gave him a list of the people to interview in order for them to say different things about him and so that he can also have a mirror about what people say about him. There are so many prominent people that have been interviewed on the book who give insights about Boko and their relationships and some of them are Attorney Boingotlo Toteng and Dick Bayford. Boko revealed that he knows that people have many things to say about him both good and bad, but one thing is that he enjoys pain, and he enjoys it when people talk all those things about him. “The examined life is a life of love and life of selflessness, and if I die and I have lived the life of sacrifice, my life won’t be in vain,” he said. He appreciated all his comrades that participated in the book. He acknowledged Toteng-his dear childhood friend for the immense contribution. The book is sold for P300 at Books Botswana and Exclusive Books.

Rhodah Botlhoko, Mother
When talking about his son Boko, Rhodah Botlhoko said she is very proud that a book has been written about her son when he is still alive and not when he is not around. She said her first born child grew up just like any normal child and in a traditional way where he used to do all the household chores. “He has always been a brilliant child, always becoming top of the class since primary school and that always shocked me,” she said. Botlhoko revealed that her son has always wanted to be a lawyer from a very tender age, where he used to follow the works of some of the lawyers of yester years. She said Boko is one man who does not take no for an answer and will always do anything to achieve what he wants. He said that even though to most people Boko is just a politician, to her he is a son who has done the best he could and still does his best to take care of his family.

Ndaba Gaolathe, BMD President
Boko's right hand man Ndaba Gaolathe referred to him as a man who understands how painful it is to lead having sacrificed all his entire life to lead a nation to the promised land. He said that he has read the book and it is quite balanced where there is the part of the book that gives the finest qualities that he possess and there is also the other side of the book which shows some parts that might be a little bit hard to swallow, and he brought those parts up in the book through other people. Gaolathe said that he and Boko are always together in this journey.  “Many of you know him as an eloquent intellectual giant and political colossus but I refer to him as a phenomenal being, there are so many sacrifices he makes,” he said. According to Gaolathe Botswana is fortunate to have someone like Boko because he even sacrificed opportunities before him to be in Botswana.  He said that shows he realised that even though it is a small society and a small economy what the people can become is great.

Rev Dr Prince Dibeela, BNF Vice President
Reverend Prince Dibeela acknowledged the writer of the book for standing up and showing determination of where they want the country to go. He referred to the book as a masterpiece that is well done, and also it is a narrative that shows that indeed the opposition is ready to lead Botswana beyond 2019. “Duma Boko is our Martin Luther King Jr and I am not only saying this to simply impress him but I believe that we have not had anyone with the kind of skills that he has and we celebrate him,” he said. He said that someone should soon be inspired to write the ‘Khama Factor’ which definitely should be a lamentation story of the last eight years.

Dr Phenyo Butale, UDC MP
When talking about Boko the MP for Gaborone Central Dr Phenyo Butale said he is very happy for having known Boko and he appreciates that the latter always acknowledges him for the contribution that he has always made in his life. In the book Butale is quoted referring to Boko as what the doctor has ordered for their time and in this moment of transition of this nation even though deemed as an intellectual with a level of arrogance. He referred to him as the right leader for this critical time for his fearlessness and his unwavering dream to deliver Botswana to the promised land.

Dithapelo Keorapetse, BCP MP
In representation of Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Dithapelo Keorapetse said that he applauds the writer of the book for not being scared about truth to power even though that has caused so much controversies around his life from being suspended from school, dismissed from working and having cases before the courts of law. He said that it is time Batswana get into the culture of writing books as he challenged the media and the academics. He said the story about Boko is very interesting and everyone should get a copy. “I have been with Boko in many forums, and his articulation and command always leave people stunned, and that is why he gets so frustrated in parliament at the extent as to which the ruling party lowers the parliamentary debates,” he said. He assured that the talks are about to come to an end and soon they will join forces officially with the UDC to take on the fight. 

Professor Agreement Lathi Jotia, Editor
The Editor of the book Professor Agreement Lathi Jotia said that he decided to edit the book because it was very interesting to him and he knows that people who read the book will definitely be intrigued as the book is well balanced. He said that as academics they are not supposed to be taken to task by political parties because then they will be destroying academics, and that is why he chose to edit the book. “Universities are not supposed to be closed down because of various opinions and differences by people, and our duty is to interrogate ideas and guide how things can be done better,” he said. Jotia said that he edited the book not because of any affiliation but to nurture talent.