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Motswaledi report: What is the UDC hiding?

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 October 2014   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Motswaledi report: What is the UDC hiding?

The delay to release the investigation report into Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC)’s vice president,  Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death by his party continues has attracted bad publicity for the UDC as people are wondering if they duped the nation.  It is now two months after the death and despite that the police have released their investigation into the matter, the UDC, which engaged some experts, have not released theirs.

Motswaledi died in an alleged car accident near Phitsane while coming from South Africa.

The news was received with mixed feelings with Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) arguing that it was no ordinary accident and suspect that he was assassinated by state agents.

During his funeral in Serowe his young brother, Gape Motswaledi said that as the family they have accepted that one of their own has died in a car accident. He said that his brother never rested and believes that fatigue might have claimed his life.

 The police, in their report, said that Motswaledi’s death was the result of a road accident and that there was no foul play.

UDC leaders shifting the poles

The UDC leaders have now changed their stance about the report on Motswaledi’s death castigating anyone who questions about it.

Recently UDC Vice President Ndaba Gaolatlhe took a swipe at some members of the public who called for the release of the report as they have contributed financially towards it.

In his uncharacteristic response, the soft spoken UDC Vice President said that if they want their money back they should furnish the party with proof so that they can be refunded.

UDC youth league publicity secretary, Malatsi Mokhubame asked journalists in a press briefing why they would want Motswaledi’s report instead of asking about other reports from government.

“Why can’t you go and ask government about Segametsi Mogomotsi’s report of 1995?” he asked rhetorically.

During Boko’s launch recently, UDC leaders especially, James Mathokgwane and Wynter Mmolotsi, took a swipe at those people who are demanding the report.

Mathokgwane said that first they must demand the report on the cause of death of Segametsi Mogomotsi of Mochudi who was ritually murdered in 1995.


Is UDC hiding something from the public?

The Patriot on Sunday is reliably informed that the party leadership is in possession of the report from the pathology expert and road construction specialist but is contradicting what they have already told the nation.


The reports are said to have been handed over to the party leadership two weeks after they completed their findings.

In their thesis titled ‘The Ethics of Lying in the Public Interest: Reflections on the "Just Lie", Lynn Pasquerella, Professor of Philosophy, University of Rhode Island and Alfred Killilea, Professor of Political Science and Co-Director of the John Hazen White Sr. Center for Ethics and Public Service, University of Rhode Island, give an interesting insight.


They reason that it is right for politicians to deceive their members in order to achieve their mandate and quote philosopher Machiavelli’s theory of deception.

“…a prudent ruler cannot, and must not, honor his word when it places him at a disadvantage and when the reasons for which he made his promise no longer exist. If all men were good, this precept would not be good; but because men are wretched creatures who would not keep their word to you, you need not keep your word to them.”


The two political philosophers states that plain speaking truth-tellers very seldom go far in any democratic set up.

They argued that politicians who withhold information for a just cause are still accountable for using the deception as a last resort, “for their judgments that the good that is brought about will outweigh the harm, and for calculating a reasonable chance of success.”


In his book The Republic, one of the godfathers of political philosophy, Plato talked about a ‘noble lie’ as a necessary evil maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda.

With few weeks to the elections it will be suicidal for the UDC leadership to release the information if it contradicts what they have been telling the nation.


When UDC said that they wanted to institute an investigation, the family distanced themselves from it, arguing that they have accepted that their son died due to car accident.