Nothing wrong with blessers - Boko

SHARE   |   Monday, 05 December 2016   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
Boko Boko

For the first time male Members of Parliament from both sides were in unison with the reasons advanced by the Leader of Opposition Duma Boko regarding the issue of sugar daddies in the fight against violence against women. Sugar daddies in local parlance or a "blesser" in another — meaning an older man who "blesses" a younger, often poorer girl with money and gifts – often expects sex in return. The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dorcas Makgatho has asked Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Botlogile Tshireletso to emphasis the topical issue of blessers who have destroyed lives of many young people.

“This issue of blessers is a serious one as young girls have taken husbands from their wives due to this blesser thing and is worrying,” said Tshireletso, throwing the house into a fit of laughter. He said the old men who give vulnerable girls money and other gifts in exchange of money are destroying their prospect of being married. Boko, who was itching to stand on a point of procedure to correct some of the statement, said: “There is absolutely no prohibition between a 63 or a 65-year-old man and a 20-year-old woman or vice versa having a relationship, and in the process of such a relationship, gifts and other little trinkets may be exchanged,” he said to the amusement of male Parliamentarians.

He said if government can try to prohibit intergenerational relationships it will find itself encroaching into people’s private spaces where they should decide who they want to sleep with, who they want to receive gifts from or give gifts to. Realising that she was about to lose the debate, Tshireletso changed the tactic and said she meant girls who are under 17 as per the Children’s Act.