Mmatli furious with Masisi

SHARE   |   Monday, 12 December 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Mmatli furious with Masisi

Following allegations that it is only a matter of time before Molepolole South MP Dr. Tlamelo Mmatli defect to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), the UDC legislator has come out guns blazing, warning the former to put a stop to what he says are ‘defamatory’ statements to his character. “Kgang e ya gore Mmatli o ya Tomkrag e tsamaisiwa ke bone Matomkroga mme e tshwanetse ya ema. Ke a le kgalemela matomkraga emisang go ntshenya leina,” Mmatli said. Mmatli said this in Parliament on Thursday when debating the State of the Nation Address. He expressed his disdain for the BDP, calling it a party ‘ya ditsamaiso tse di maswe’ which he said is the same reason which  lead him to defect  to the opposition and as things stand he will never even consider re-joining it. The Molepolole South legislator fingered the Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi as the mastermind of the smear campaign which the BDP has launched on him. He accused Masisi of spreading fallacies about him after realizing that he will never defect to the BDP.

The Vice President’s actions and behavior, according to Mmatli, is further proof that the ruling party is failing to avail solutions to the country’s current problems but would rather dwell on trivial matters which add no value to people’s lives. “Despite the fact that we were made to believe that the Vice President will oversee certain projects he is now nothing but the BDP Campaign Manager, whose only purpose is to  lure and recruit new members into the party,” said Mmatli. He vowed to remain a member of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) and said he intends to contest the 2019 general elections under its ticket. Meanwhile, Mmatli also accused the ruling party of failing to get the nation’s priorities right and failing the people of Botswana, especially the unemployed and the poor. He said instead of spending the very same money which could have been used on adding value to people’s lives, the BDP rather chose to spend heavily on initiatives like BOT50.

“Ne ke re Batswana ba itse gore madi a bone a jelwe mme ebile a jelwe mosusumpelo ke batho ba sena pelotlhomogi,” said Mmatli. (I want Batswana to know that their funds have been mismanaged by heartless people). He further accused the ruling party of misusing even the ESP funds, which were initially intended to be used to address unemployment. According to Mmatli, it was disheartening that despite its continuous mismanagement of funds and generous spending the ruling party continues to refuse to increase salaries of civil servants under the excuse that there were no funds. President Ian Khama delivered the SONA on Monday and debate on it continues.