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Land barons beware!

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 January 2017   |   By Shingirai Madondo
Land barons beware!

The Infrastructure and Housing Development Minister Nonofo Molefhi does not hide his disdain about locals’ tendency of selling land and has threatened a draconian control similar to those imposed on Arabic people by their respective governments. Molefhi is contemplating passing a harsh law to bring to order Batswana who have turned themselves into land barons. The Selibe-Phikwe East legislator wants to completely ensure that land is not sold at the rate at which Batswana are selling it. Molefhi has threatened to draconically review the current land policy, making it similar to the much-maligned Sharia law practiced mostly in the Arabic countries. 

Faced with high rates of Batswana selling their plots to either fellow countrymen or expatriates, Molefhi believes a new harsh law should be adopted. “I want to review the (land) policy. There is need for an enactment of an Arabic law (in the form of the Sharia Law) which clearly stipulates that plots are not for selling,” said Molefhi recently during a Self Help Housing Agency (SHHA) turnkey development handover ceremony in Francistown.  Molefhi added: “Democracy needs to be controlled to a certain level. If democracy is controlled and let to reign without any sort of control, those enjoying it will be too democratic and difficult to be brought to order. There is need for some control.”

He said Batswana are too democratic to an extent that they are free to sell land at will. This, Molefhi says, is very dangerous because it will be uncontrollable in the future. If a person is unoppressed a bit, he/she becomes a spoilt brat,” he lamented. He said the countries that are surpassing Botswana have some ‘oppressive people’ who are always monitoring performance and curtailing certain behaviours of citizens. “In Botswana, the moment one tries to keep a hawk eye on the behaviour of some of the citizens especially those selling plots like hot fat cakes, he/she is labeled a dictator,” lamented a visibly worried Molefhi.