Land fraud escalates – DCEC warns

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Mogoditshane sub-land board leads in cases
In its ongoing efforts to fight corruption and economic crime, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) has an uphill battle dealing with land fraud. A lot of allegations on land are still being reported to the DCEC and this is because the perpetrators take advantage of opportunities presented by systems and procedures as well as inadequacies in the laws when it comes to land allocation. The rise in these reports are a clear indication that a lot of Batswana are not aware or are just ignorant of the laws when it comes to land fraud issues.
This article is meant to sensitize Batswana on the ongoing struggle the DCEC has with land corruption and to educate them on the trends that people use to solicit funds for illegal land allocation
In 2014 there were a total of 19 cases reported to the DCEC compared to 2015 when this number increased to 29. A total of three (3000) fraudulent land right certificates were found in circulation.  Batswana still find themselves being conned to purchase pieces of land which have been obtained unlawfully, some of the famous unlawful activities/trends include the following: Con Men falsely obtaining money from people under the pretext of allocating them land; False declarations or affidavits of land ownership; Corrupt facilitation of land-related disputes by authorities; and Undeclared conflict of Interests.

Land fraud cases across Botswana at the end of 2015

Institution                         No of cases    No of Suspects  plots involved
Mogodishane sub landboard   26                 34                     135
Tlokweng Land board           4                   17                      17
Letlhakeng sub-landboard     4                    5                        5
Oodi sub-land board             3                    6                         8
Ngwaketse land Board          3                   4                          3
Malete Land Board               2                   2                          2
Molepolole sub-land board    2                   3                          4
Lentsweletau sub landboard  2                 4                            3
Shoshong Sub landboard      2                  2                           2
Mahalapye Sub land board    2                 2                             5
Kgalagadi land Board           4                  6                             5
TawanaLandboard               1                  1                            10
Thamaga Sub landboard      1                   1                            5
Ngwato Land Board             1                   1                            4
Department of Lands           9                  10                           21
SHHA ( Gaborone)               13                24                           391
TOTAL                                 79               122                          620

DCEC is currently investigating the Mogoditshane sub-land board, where over 12000 plot files have been assessed of which over 300 files were seized for further investigations since 2005. Currently 3 officers working at the sub-land board, colluded by accepting P18,000.00 for themselves as a reward for unlawfully allocating land to an individual. The matter is before the high court of Botswana now. So many other similar cases have been forwarded to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) for further action/prosecution how many cases have been forwarded to DPP. The fight for land fraud is still on-going and DCEC will do everything in its powers to bring those wrong doers before the court of Law and have them face prosecution. [Source: DCEC]