SHARE   |   Wednesday, 12 April 2017   |   By Tobokani Rari

It's now official that BOFEPUSU has emerged triumphant in a case in which BOPEU was questioning compliance of the BOFEPUSU AJA with the constitution of the PSBC. We have always insisted that they was no merit whatsoever in BOPEU's case, and that it was based on sour grapes, and an endeavor to kick the bargaining table just because they (BOPEU) are failing to meet the threshold to get admitted into the council. BOPEU on their own accord and volition, without being pushed, terminated their relationship of being part of the BOFEPUSU AJA, and the consequences of that was, they fell out of the PSBC. Now BOPEU has to come to terms with the consequences of their decision and live with it. They have to live with the reality that conditions of service of public servants including their members are decided in the PSBC which they are not part of. However BOPEU has a choice to either concentrate on trying to meet the threshold and apply to be admitted to the PSBC or work with BOFEPUSU AJA at the PSBC. It should be noted that the gesture was extended to BOPEU last year after the BOFEPUSU verification process that was ordered by the court of appeal and they rejected it.
It is clear that the sole purpose of today's case was to try to prevent the PSBC from meeting, resulting in a quagmire where public servants would be disadvantaged without an increment just because, as things stand now, increments would be decided by BOFEPUSU AJA on behalf of the workers as an admitted party to the PSBC.

We still reiterate that this conduct of BOPEU assists government in its endeavor to render the PSBC useless and ultimately destroy it. BOPEU like government fights for a situation where increments for public servants would done outside the PSBC hence the two's appeal of the judgement on the scope of the PSBC. We would like to assure our members and members of the BOFEPUSU family of trade unions that the federation is committed and would do all in its powers to protect the right of workers to bargain in this country. We will do so with all our energies and all our might. We would like to thank all members of the affiliate trade unions for their extended patience, sacrifices and untold sufferings as we undergo these difficult times. For sure these difficult times should come to pass but we should be prepared to fight on as they might last much more longer. As we have at least passed this hurdle, we expect the continuation of the 2016/17 negotiation meeting to be held tomorrow April 12th 2017 as was scheduled.