HRDP to drive diversification   

SHARE   |   Monday, 10 July 2017   |   By Staff Writer
HRDC Deputy Director Demand, Ontlametse Mokopakgosi HRDC Deputy Director Demand, Ontlametse Mokopakgosi

The Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) has announced the commissioning of a consultancy for the Human Resource Development Plan which is aimed at addressing sectorial and national Human resource needs. Speaking at a stakeholder consultative meeting with professional bodies on Thursday in Gaborone, HRDC Deputy Director Demand, Ontlametse Mokopakgosi, said the consultation with stakeholders will commence anytime from August 1. According to Mokopakgosi, initially the plan was expected to be commissioned and started on after HRDC had devised plans for each of the 12 sectors of training, hence consolidating them into a single plan but had to instead get the overall HRDC plan completed to align it and be in parallel with the National Development Plan 11 and Vision 2036 which have already commenced. “The Plan will be in line and support of both NDP 11 and Vision 2036,” said Mokopakgosi. Meanwhile, Mokopakgosi emphasised the need and importance of stakeholder involvement in the affairs of the HRDC, saying it will ensure a responsive product to the industry demands. She said it is high time scholarships and funding was given to students who seek and qualify to train for skills that are needed by local industries. “The Department of Tertiary Education Funding will soon stop exercising thumb-sucking methods when funding graduates for tertiary education, but be guided by what skills are needed in the local industries,” she said.

According to Mokopakgosi, now is the right time for Botswana to move away from being a resource-based economy to a knowledge-based economy. She said economic diversification is in fact a long overdue exercise as far as human resource matters are concerned. To achieve this Mokopakgosi said HRDC will prioritise planning and capacitating some sectors which drive, transform and sustain the economy. National Human Resource Development has been inspired in large part by the pioneering work of the United Nations Development Programme. It represents a fundamental shift away from conventional economic orthodoxy that promotes the view that a country’s economic growth depends on its natural resources. Instead it challenges such an approach by placing human resources at the cornerstone of a country’s social and economic development. One of National Human Resource Development Strategic themes is that of a sector driven national human resource development planning which propose that Botswana needs effective human resource development planning to meet public expectations and to ensure a successful transition from a resource driven to an efficiency driven economy and to lay the foundation for a subsequent transition to a knowledge-based, innovation economy. This requires  a collaborative integrated  systems approach to human resource development planning that links together  national policies and strategies, education and skills development, the labour market and the economy and which cuts across separate jurisdiction to ensure a pan-Botswana National Human Resource Development Plan. The approach to human resource development planning that is currently in place is said to be failing to match this expectations and does not have the capability to provide the human resources that Botswana’s future requires