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Govt clueless about Masisi's campaign costs 

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 August 2017   |   By Staff Writer
Govt clueless about Masisi's campaign costs 

Assistant Minister Thato Kwerepe has pleaded ignorance to the total costs that Government incurred for Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi’s campaign for the chairmanship of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). Francistown South MP Wynter Mmolotsi had asked the minister to state: the total amount of Government money used in aircraft fuel, vehicle fuel, food and accommodation during His Honour the Vice President’s campaign for the Chairmanship of the Botswana Democratic Party; the sponsors of his team; and whether the company that provided tents to his team is the same company that was used to provide tented accommodation during the Poverty Eradication Pitsos, which were held countrywide a couple of years ago. In response Kwerepe said: I wish to preface my response by indicating that His Honour Vice President is entitled to official transport for both private and official business at all times. Accordingly, the mode of transport used is determined by His Honour’s schedule and security requirements. The record of expenditure of the mode of travel is not disaggregated by the type of engagement. Therefore, I am not able to give the total cost of His Honour the Vice President’s campaign for the Chairmanship of the Botswana Democratic Party. Mr Speaker, I wish to also state that with regards to food and accommodation, His Honour the Vice President pays for such expenditure during his political activities. He said the issue of sponsorship was a private matter that he could not respond to and said he didn’t have procurement details of the said company as would probably be done in His Honour the Vice President’s private capacity and/or with those who supported him. Below is how the exchange on the matter played out in Parliament: 

MR MMOLOTSI: Supplementary. Tona go fetogile eng ka gore mo nakong e e fetileng go ne go kgonagala to disaggregate the costs tsa ga Tautona kana Mothusa Tautona mo maetong a gagwe mo dipotsong tse ke kileng ka di botsa? Ke botsa gore gompieno wa re go pala eng? Sa bobedi ke gore a wa re Mothusa Tautona jaaka a ne a tsamaya le bo Rre Ngaka Ngaka le bo Rre Tsogwane, ba ne ba reka dijo ka madi a bone? Lastly, o mpolelele gore a wa re ga o kgone gore…

MR GUMA: Le nna o ntsenye mo teng. Re ne re ituelela rra.

MR MMOLOTSI: Nnyaa, Guma ga ke go tsenye mo teng, wena ga ke go tseye tsia. Sa bofelo ke gore, Tona o mpolelele gore wa re Question No. 3 ga o kgone go itse gore ditante tse, di ne di tswa kae, mme gape ga o kgone go itse gore a batho ba ke bone ba ba neng ba dirisanya le Mothusa Tautona ka nako e e neng e le Mothusa Tautona a lebeletse dilo tsa poverty eradication, a hira batho ba ba neng ba ya to provide tented accommodation kwa Poverty Eradication Pitso? Wa re ga o kgone go nyalanya dilo tse?

MR KWEREPE: Ke a leboga Honourable Member of Parliament, mme e bile ke itumelela gore wa re ga se la ntlha o botsa potso e, which to me go supa gore dikarabo o na le tsone, tsa ka nako e o neng o botsa potso e ka yone. Selo sa bobedi Honourable Member of Parliament, ke rile Mothusa Tautona fa a tsamaya on his trips o ithekela dijo; this is what I am saying. Ga ke ka ke ka re go na le mongwe yo o mo rekelang dijo. Ka ditante rraetsho, ga ke ka ke ka go raya ka re tse kana di ne di tswa kwa poverty, tse, di ne di sa tswe kwa poverty ka gore motho mongwe le mongwe o ikopela dithuso kwa a di ikopelang teng. Ke a leboga.

MR MMOLOTSI: Further supplementary. Minister, mme ga o lemoge gore go kopakopa mo ga ga Mothusa Tautona mo e leng gore jaanong e setse e le gore o kopakopa gongwe le gongwe dithuso, a ga o bone e le gore golo mo ke gone mo go tlileng go rekisa lefatshe la rona? Do you not think gore right now the Vice President is captured?

MR KWEREPE: Ke a leboga. Ga ke itse fa Mothusa Tautona a le captured.

MR SPEAKER: Honourable Kwerepe, ema fela jalo. Honourable Ralotsia, tota ga ke tlhaloganye gore Mapalamente a le batla gore phones tsa lona di sale kwa ntle fa le tsena mo Palamenteng. Kana re tlaa dira jalo. Re tlaa le beela teranka fale di tsena mo teng. Honourable Kwerepe, tswelela.

MR KWEREPE: Ga ke itse fa Mothusa Tautona e le gore he is captured. Mothusa Tautona ke motho jaaka mongwe le mongwe, fa a na le tiro, ba ba mo tlhomogelang pelo ba mo utlwela botlhoko gore ba ka mo thusa, ba a mo thusa. Fela jaaka le wena ke lemogile gore le a dirisanya, o ne o ka mo thusa, wa mo raya wa nnyaa, o na le tiro mma ke go thuse. Ke a leboga.