‘Bring back Wynter’:

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 August 2017   |   By Shingirai Madondo
‘Bring back Wynter’:

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members in the Francistown South constituency have urged the leadership of the ruling party to take full advantage of the current Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) impasse to win back their area MP, Wynter Mmolotsi. Democrats in the Francistown South constituency revealed that they were constantly in touch with the alienated BMD vice president in an attempt to get him back after he left in 2010. The youthful politician commands a huge following within the BDP, hence his emphatic win in the 2014 General Elections. Having supported him through thick and thin, some democrats in the area belief they can convince the former Agriculture teacher to consider rejoining the ruling party. BMD is currently submerged in a leadership crisis that emanated from a violent and bloody congress in Bobonong a month ago that resulted with Ndaba Gaolathe and Sydney Pilane leading separate factions. “BDP must take full advantage of this crisis and lure back Mmolotsi for our sake in the Francistown South constituency,” said one BDP activist who did not want to be named. According to the BDP activist, none of the three ruling party parliamentary aspiring candidates are convincing enough. Lamodimo Dikomang, Modiri Lucas and former MP Khumongwana Maoto are expected to battle it out in two months’ time in BDP primaries for the area. “BDP is better off with Wynter in the Francistown South fold than outside. None of the current candidates has the political acumen to challenge opposition hopefuls in the area. Bring back Wynter please,” pleaded the activist, adding that a letter has been written to the Francistown region for consideration. “It is true that some BDP members have been advocating for my return to the BDP,” confirmed Mmolotsi in an interview.

According to Mmolotsi, it is not surprising that some BDP members might be tempted “to try every trick in the book” to lure him back into the party that made him the reputable politician he is. “I have always treated the voters in my area with the integrity they deserve despite their political affiliation. And this made it possible for those in the BDP to remain in constant touch with me,” added the Opposition Chief Whip. “BDP members are always phoning or visiting me. I see their point but we have a problem with their thinking. They are begging us to forgive and forget yet they are not doing anything about the rot in the party’s highest levels of leadership,” he charged. Mmolotsi, who seems to be embracing the idea of him shedding off the orange regalia, said: “true revolutionaries must act against a rotten leadership in order to make an organisation attractive to the outside world.” BDP Francistown regional chairperson, Baemedi Medupi confirmed hearing hisses of democrats calling for the return of Mmolotsi. However, has professed ignorance about the alleged letter that the democrats are alleging to have written to the region. Francistown South branch chairperson Ford Moiteela said “There is a silent war among the democrats in the constituency. One group is arguing that Mmolotsi should be persuaded back and other comrades expressing discomfort.”  “They (those advocating for the return of Mmolotsi) insist that no sin is too big and some of them have actually been in contact with Mmolotsi to try and persuade him to ask for forgiveness and return. They think that Mmolotsi must be allowed back,” said Moiteela. 

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