BMD, BCP mistrust grows

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 September 2017   |   By Shingirai Madondo
BMD, BCP mistrust grows

Fear and suspicion allegedly increasing mistrust between the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), sources have revealed. With the BMD Francistown region claiming this past week that there had been an attempt by the BCP to further disintegrate the BMD. Early this year, BCP, BMD, Botswana Peoples’ Party (BPP) and Botswana National Front (BNF) agreed to work hand in glove in the build up to the potentially explosive 2019 General Elections. Under this semblance, the opposition parties have principally agreed to work in cohorts and eventually wrestle power from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) during the forthcoming elections. However, it will not be that easy if the situation in the Francistown region is anything to go by – as indications on the ground are that the BCP and the BMD have suddenly become sworn enemies. Well-placed sources say BCP’s utterances that BMD’s Ndaba Gaolathe faction is plotting to form a new political grouping have driven a wedge between them. “BCP publicly announced at a political rally in Francistown that we should be punished if we risk forming a new party,” said the BMD Francistown regional chairperson Jonathan Thembo in a telephone interview last Thursday. BCP held a political rally at Gerald Estates location in Francistown recently where Selibe-Phikwe West MP Dithapelo Keorapetse spoke of how the envisaged BMD breakaway party should be punished in the 2019 general elections. 

At the rally, Keorapetse spoke with conviction that the Ndaba faction has concluded that a new party should be formed. He told the rally that the new political party will be called Botswana Peoples’ Movement (BPM) and their envisaged colours will be purple. “Now, we are fully aware of people who really want to harm us, physical harm also. But the most unfortunate thing is that they (BCP people) are fearing for the unknown. And the BCP has been holding rallies in the region without inviting us,” charged Thembo. Asked for the action that the BMD Francistown region is likely to take against the BCP, Thembo said: “We once discussed the matter with the BCP regional committee but nothing is changing. And we are not going to be taking any further action until the finalisation of our (BMD) mediation exercise by the UDC.” According to Thembo, reporting the BCP to the UDC causing mayhem in the Francistown region has got the potential of creating more pandemonium in the already crisis riddled coalition movement. Endless efforts to get a comment from the BCP proved futile to get a comment Keorapetse, the BCP Publicity Secretary and his National Organising Secretary, Vain Mamela proved futile as their respective mobile phones rang unanswered.  

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