BMD-Pilane’s update 

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 06 September 2017   |   By Gilbert Mangole
BMD-Pilane’s update 

This is a communication on the status of the BMD at the UDC.  We confirm that we did receive a letter from the leadership of the Umbrella for Democratic Change, sometimes in August 2017. The letter was inviting us for a meeting, with a set date, time and venue. We immediately responded that the date is unfortunately not in our favour as we will not be available to be in attendance due to our already set schedule.  We further indicated to the UDC officials that, the leader of the BMD; Advocate Sidney Pilane, will be out of the country on an already long scheduled item and thus we did make a request for postponement to a favourable date. In doing so we presented our schedule. Further in doing so, we naturally expected the UDC to either, within its own constitutional and democratic rights, to continue to meet with whomever and whoever was available and whomever and whoever they had wanted to meet, or to within the same fold communicate to concerned individual and or grouping that we at the BMD are not available on the suggested date and thus inevitable that the matter be postponed. Contrary to what was suggested elsewhere, this to us is and was not a problem as it is a basic rule of engagement. It will appear that the UDC, within its constitutional powers and rights, opted for the former and hence rescheduled the meeting for the 04th of September 2017, 1700hrs. We did as the leadership of the Botswana Movement for Democracy thus appear before the appropriate officials of the Umbrella for Democratic Change on the 04th September 2017, a date as set by appropriate authorities. We did then utilise the opportunity to duly, as requested by the leadership of the UDC, present our case, our side of the story. 

Our presentation, being a response of the request of the UDC, was in relation to a situation where there are some individuals masquerading as members of the National Executive Committee of the BMD. Naturally so, it appears there are also some elements who had written to the UDC purporting to be leaders of the BMD.  We also wish to use this same communication to remind members of the BMD, members of the public, members of the media, members of UDC affiliating members and all sympathisers and followers of the BMD of the UDC that the BMD as a living organ is ran through statutory constitution which determines, dictates and prescribes process and procedures of how one ought to be a leader either at a cell, ward, branch, region or national level. We further wish to kindly remind all those individuals masquerading as leaders of the BMD that not only is it illegal to do so, but it is also detrimental to either current or future membership consideration of such an individual and or individuals. Delinquency is naturally problematic, especially when one seeks to belong to the collective.  We also extend our gratitude to the leadership of the UDC for inviting us to a meeting to discuss with us as appropriate.  We have explained our view of the situation, including our will, and we have made appropriate and within reason; commitments, one such being a willing and passionate commitment to restore order. We made this with an assurance that the BMD of the UDC political environment is accommodative to all as has always been the case, and that everyone is free to join, participate as the constitution prescribes and thus, equally take active part at the UDC. It is natural that some of that which was discussed, currently remains not yet of public consumption until when appropriate. We have no doubt that in the presentation we made, we represented the BMD of the UDC as appropriate. The UDC is yet to come back to us after digesting the presentations we have made.  

We urge our members, our sympathisers and our followers to remain calm and patient, and to allow the UDC to get back to us regarding the status of the BMD within the UDC. We shall continue to use other BMD set channels to communicate with our members on issues that demand direct engagement of the leaders of the BMD nationally. We respectfully await the UDC for a response on the nature and contents of our meeting and discussion with them.  

MK. Gilbert Mangole 

BMD Secretary General