BNF denies receiving P200 000 BOPEU gift 

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 September 2017   |   By Staff Writer
Moeti Mohwasa Moeti Mohwasa

Botswana National Front (BNF) Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa – who also doubles up as Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Publicity Secretary –has dismissed as baseless allegations that his party ever received monetary donations from BOPEU. Speaking during a press conference recently, Mohwasa talked down allegations linking the BNF to any monetary dealings with BOPEU, saying they are uncorroborated untruths peddled by some members of the press who are out to tarnish the good name of his party. “We have since established that there is political activism among some members of the press whose aim is to discredit certain organisations and individuals,” he said. Recent media reports have linked the BNF/UDC to a P200 000 cash donation, which was allegedly used in the Tlokweng by-elections. This, it is alleged, begot a strengthened relationship between BOPEU and the party who have not been really on good terms before that. Mohwasa challenged those who allege that BNF ever received such a gift from BOPEU to come forward with evidence. “You are alleging, prove it. You cannot expect us to corroborate your story. BOPEU has denied this issue anyway.  One thing you must understand is that just because you have a story idea it does not necessarily amount to the truth,” he said, responding to a journalist who had wanted him to confirm whether BNF has received any monetary donation from BOPEU other than the P200 000.

BNF Publicity Secretary Justin Hunyepa said BNF had indeed received monetary donations from various individuals and organisations including a number of local trade unions. He, however, declined to disclose them or the amounts they have donated, saying some of them preferred to remain anonymous. Mohwasa also took the opportunity to respond to inquiries on progress made by the UDC in their efforts to mediate in the infighting of the two BMD that are claiming legitimacy over each other.  “The UDC will next week Tuesday present sets of proposals to the two parties which we hope will assist in bringing peace to the BMD,” he said. According to Mohwasa, contrary to what some people may believe the UDC has always given priority to the BMD issue. “Our hope and wish is to have one BMD after this. We do not want a breakaway party and want everybody to be under umbrella,” said Mohwasa. The press conference was convened to introduce members of the party’s displinary and elections sub committees following a meeting of the central committee recently. Kanye South MP Abram Kesupile is the chairperson of the party’s disciplinary committee which has three other members   The elections sub-committee it would seem has already hit the ground running as the BNF readies itself to conduct the first batch of primary elections in the southern part (southern, south central and Kweneng) in the last quarter of 2017 from October to December. The next primary elections will be held in the first quarter of 2018 from January to March.