Rari slights BOPEU

SHARE   |   Thursday, 12 October 2017   |   By Tobokani Rari 
Rari slights BOPEU

"The truth like pregnancy will always come out, no matter how delayed, frustrating or painful it may be prior to its realization. We went through a lot, fighting to protect and preserve the bargaining council and principle of honest and meaningful bargaining in this country. Some mocked us, and referred to us as a short sighted lot. We persevered however, for we knew we were fighting for a principle we believed in and that is worth fighting for. We chose a difficult path not so often traversed, not that we were lost, but because we knew it will take us where we wanted to go. It is always pleasing to sometimes look back and say yes, I travelled the path that many could not, for the ultimate measure of man is where he stands during difficult times, but not during period of comfort. 

Some gunboats yellow unions wanted to take advantage of our sacrifices for the fight of the good of this country to recruit members of our unions on the basis that they should come to them in order to gain a 3% and 4%. Though some fell into this trap, we are happy than 95% of our members remained loyal to their union and could not move. La ema  tsi! Propaganda, like a duck has short legs and will often trip and fall, we are happy it has fallen. Comrades got their 3% and 4% increment, and today the 3% and 4% back pays started to report into your accounts. We thank you comrades, we salute you comrades, for magnanimity of your support during the difficult times, it kept us going. You have never forsaken your unions, and their leadership, for that, we sincerely and generously salute and thank you.”

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Tobokani Rari