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The Church is captured – Dr Dibeela 

SHARE   |   Thursday, 12 October 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
The Church is captured – Dr Dibeela 

Reverend Dr Prince Dibeela says the church is captured and the poor continue to be extorted by the church. He said religion has of late become something very dangerous, especially in Africa where the so-called men of God have turned into cultic leaders who prey on the desperation of those who are in need. Dr Dibeela was speaking at seminar organised by Kgolagano College in partnership with the University of Botswana Theology and Religious department on Martin Luther’s Reformation in 2017 and giving reflections on implications for today’. “People no longer use their own theological knowledge but rather listen to what their so-called men of God say and that is why recently we have seen the cases of people eating rat meats and even being made to eat grass,” he said. Dibeela said it is evident that the church has abandoned its role which is for edification, leaving people vulnerable and preyed on. Dibeela urged believers to interrogate themselves and change their ways, citing Martin Luther King’s quote – ‘if banks and trading corporations are to remain running then right and honesty must go, and if right and honesty are to remain then banks and trading corporations are to go.’ 

“I believe that these words are a parable between early capitalist societies because he said this after he has seen how the system was extorting the poor,” he said, calling for open discussions on this issue because the world today also continues to be a sexist society and women continue to live on patriarchal orders. He said life enhancing economic systems should be put in place because many people continue to live false lives. Dibeela said cultist priests and one-man leadership have run parallel in this nation for some time, insisting that now there is even no difference between witchdoctors and priests – priests take advantage of people’s situations and promise them miracles. “Religion is now commercialised and until this comes to an end innocent people will continue to be taken advantage of because even the system supports this,” he said. Those that graced the event agreed mostly with the sentiments shared by Dibeela, Rev Dr Obed Kealotswe said people like him who always questions how things are done especially in the churches that they are in, end up being side-lined.