Mohwasa scoffs at Richard 

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 October 2017   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Mohwasa scoffs at Richard 

Botswana National Party (BNF) Secretary General Moeti Mohwasa has dismissed former Botswana National Front Youth League president Khumoekae Richard’s recent accusations leveled at the party president Duma Boko as baseless and a strategy to garner support for the newly formed Alliance for Progressives (AP). “It is clear that Richard’s intentions for coming back to Botswana were to try and destroy the BNF, discredit our president’s character and drum up support for AP,” Mohoasa said. Supporting this, Mohwasa says they have in fact realised that the timing of Richard’s outbursts and accusations leveled at the party president coincided with the formation of the AP, hence their strong belief that his was just part of a bigger plan to cast limelight on the newly established party. According to Mohwasa, he is in fact taken aback by Khumoekae’s decision to air his disgruntlement in the press and on social media networks instead of following existing party procedures, yet he accuses the BNF President of being a dictator who listens to no one and muzzles those with alternative moves. “The BNF constitution is clear on which route to follow when one has a grievance, and Khumoekae should have gone through the proper structures if at all he had anything to say against Boko but he instead chose to go to the media,” said Mohoasa. He further stated that no official statement to address Khumoekae will be released by the BNF secretariat as he is no longer a member of the BNF.  “We cannot respond to a member of AP,” he said.


He, however, agreed that the BNF has not formally tried to contact and address Khumoekae’s grievances even prior to his brief return to Botswana. Though he said they did not believe Khumoekae’s departure from the party will trigger a change of heart from  other members of the BNF and lead to a mass defection to the newly formed AP, he said as a party they cannot celebrate when  members,  however the number leave. “The question, however, is do we really need a member who runs to the press and publicise on social media when he is disgruntled  or would we rather have members who abide by the party constitution and follow the right procedure?” remarked Mohwasa. Richard, who is currently pursuing a postgraduate qualification in Canada, briefly returned to Botswana recently and resigned from the BNF and joined the newly formed AP. He announced the resignation at a press conference at Kagisong Centre in Mogoditshane on Monday. In a no blows barred address to the media, Richard launched a scathing attack on Boko and other party leaders. He accused Boko of harboring a habit of undermining collective leadership and described him as a lone ranger who takes other leaders for granted.

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